2010 Playoffs

Brett Keisel Super Bowl XLV Media Day Interview Transcript



(on how to stop Aaron Rodgers) “Aaron is playing phenomenal right now. I don’t see anyone in the NFL throw the ball like he does or make plays like he does aside from our guy. The best thing we can do is try and get at him and get him on the ground. Trying to get pressure on him, is going to be a big factor in the game.”

(on if he thought his beard would have gotten this much attention) “I have to blame my teammates really. When I started this thing, I said that as long as we are winning games I will let it grow. So it is really their fault. The beard has taken on a whole new life. It helps that we are in the big dance here in Dallas, to go all the way and to do something that no one has really done. We are having a lot of fun. The chin-strap is fine, it holds it down tight. The worst parts is hairballs in my mouth from my mouth piece. I am used to it now and I have to brush it to the side and stroke it a little bit.”

(on the Packers running game) “They have a good running attack. My man John Kuhn is doing great up there. Any short yardage situation, it seems that he is getting the rock. He has made a lot of plays for them. That is our job up front, to stop the run, and hopefully we can do that Sunday.”

(on his pre-game rituals) “I kiss my shoes before the game to give me a little bit of love. I have a few things. I listen to the same music I always listen to Johnny Cash. I have my own little routine and then I am ready to go.”

(on the weather in Dallas) “We call this Steeler weather out here and I love that. It is pretty crazy. It is a sheet of ice everywhere you go. Hopefully the weather will bring us some love. I prefer to play outside. Obviously, this is a phenomenal place and its great to be here, but I am partial to Heinz Field.”

(on the Packers offensive lineman) “I respect them because they are in the Super Bowl. There are two teams left here and obviously they are a great unit. They play really well together or they wouldn’t be here. I respect them, not only because they are bearded but because they are in the big dance here with us.”

(on the Rooney family and tradition of Steelers organization) “There have been a lot of greats that come out of Pittsburgh. We are biased, but we feel that it is the greatest organization in the National Football League and it is because of the Rooneys. I was talking about it yesterday: from the time you walk into the locker room, they embrace you as family and that is how the players are too. When young guys come in and we can see that they can help us win games, they are family to us. I think that is why we are as successful as we are.”

(on his thoughts of Dallas and Cowboys Stadium) “It is kind of chilly, but it is phenomenal in there. It is something that we have been excited about being a part of. It is great.”

(on if Super Bowl experience will be a factor) “I hope our experience is a factor. It can or can’t be. A lot of us with the Steelers have been here and went through this before. A lot of have gone through this a couple of times. Hopefully it is an advantage. I am not saying it is, but hopefully it is.”

(on the difference in strategy against New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez vs. Aaron Rodgers) “Green Bay poses a threat with their passing attack. They can go five wide. It is going to big on us up front to get to Aaron. I think it is going to be one of the biggest factors in this game. We need to work to get to him all day.”

(on why he grows his beard out) “I am from Pittsburgh and we have a great hockey team and they grow their beards out. In June, I was thinking that it will be seven months if we make it to the Super Bowl. We are shooting for our seventh Super Bowl ring, and the Steelers were made in 1933, which is 77 years to date. I said I’d give this thing seven months and see if it will get us to Dallas, and here we are.”

(on SI.com report regarding not backing up team quarterback) “I don’t really understand the comments, because it makes it sound like none of us care about our quarterback and that is wrong. All of us care about him. Even when everything was going on, we are his brothers and we have his back. I don’t know what exactly happened and what was said, but to say something like we aren’t behind our quarterback is false. The best thing we could have done is get to here. Ben is doing a phenomenal job and has done everything that HE has been asked to do. He is a huge reason why we are here and we are happy with him.”

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