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Ben Roethlisberger Monday Press Conference Transcript Quotes – Super Bowl XLV



(on Roger Goodell’s comments as reported in an SI.com column that none of Roethlisberger’s teammates came to his defense last year) “Well, I know for a fact that when the commissioner came to training camp to talk, a lot of the guys kind of did. I’m just thankful that my teammates are who they are and I’m really appreciative of it.

(on the fact that Roger Goodell said he talked to over 20 players and none came to his defense) “I’m not sure. I wasn’t there. I don’t know exactly what was said, so it’s hard to say.

(on being back in the Super Bowl) “I’m just excited to be here, to be sitting up here. We’ve got a couple days until the game, obviously, so you can’t get too excited, but to be here again and to be here in Fort Worth is a great thing.

(on the benefits of having been to a Super Bowl before) “It can be overwhelming. You get off the plane and you’ve got helicopters, you’ve got police and media and then this. If you’re not used to it, it can be overwhelming. I think it helps a little bit to at least have some prior knowledge and experience with it.

(on what he remembers from the last Steelers-Packers game) “I remember it being a shootout, obviously, and a crazy kind of game. I remember Mike Wallace making a great catch at the end of the game – at the end of regulation – to keep his two feet in bounds and help us get the victory.

(on why that last game turned into such a shootout) “We kind of expected that from them. For us, I guess it was something where we had to try to keep up with them and just throw it as much as we could.

(on what was going through his mind after the AFC Championship game when he got emotional) “Well, it was just knowing you’re getting to come back to a Super Bowl. It’s an emotional time. I know for me, it’s exciting for the opportunity for Flozell [Adams]. A guy like that that gets to play his first Super Bowl here in Dallas; it’s a neat thing for him.

(on Steelers players wearing OT Flozell Adams throwback jerseys on the plane) “Yeah, all of the linemen [did]. It was kind of a surprise to show up at the airport today and they all had it on. I think he was surprised too. I’m not sure if he knew, but he seemed pretty surprised. It’s just kind of a sign of respect. They did it for Jerome [Bettis] when we went to Detroit. [They] wore Jerome’s jersey. So, he’s a guy that we all respect because he’s been doing it for such a long time, and being able to come back to Dallas I know means a lot to him.

(on Flozell Adams’ play this year) “I don’t think he’s missed a game. He’s been in there. He’s had to learn a new [system]. He played for the Cowboys for 12, 13 [years] – a long time. To come into a team and be a starting right tackle and learning a new offense is kind of an amazing thing. He’s tough-nosed. He’s hard to get around and I appreciate him as one of my lineman.

(on how he prepared for answering tough questions this week) “I’m just taking it in stride, enjoying this opportunity, regardless of what comes and the outcomes. I’m just taking it all in.

(on if the Packers are the team that is most like the Steelers) “They are a very, very good football team. I think if you look at them on paper and on film, a lot of people would say and I know the analysts are saying great defenses… their offense is very, very good. I think we may run the ball a little more than they do, obviously, but I think it’s two very similar teams. They talk a lot about the defensive coordinators and things. I think the neat part about this is it’s two storied franchises and I think the fans will really enjoy it. It’s going to be crazy because the whole place is going to be yellow because of both teams, so it will be fun.

(on if this game would be redemption for him) “I think that’s a great reflective question and the time for reflecting is probably after the year. So, for me, I can’t reflect now. I have to think about this game.

(on if he felt he had to apologize to his teammates for his suspension) “Well, I’m very blessed to be playing for an awesome organization – the Steelers, the Rooneys. I’ve got great teammates, great coaches, so I’m just thankful to be a part of it. I always said it was a blessing to be drafted by the Steelers and I’m proud to wear the black and gold.

(on when he knew the Rooney family and the organization were special) “Day one. When you hear things from former players, current players, guys who have been around. When you see Mr. Rooney every day at practice. After every game he’s shaking your hand, win or lose, so you just kind of know how awesome he is and this organization is.

(on if the Super Bowl is still fun for him) “It’s a lot of fun. I don’t think you could ever get tired of doing this – coming to a Super Bowl and getting an opportunity. You just want to experience it all because you never know if it’s going to be your last one. So, take as many pictures and videos as you can to hopefully one day show your kids kind of what you went through.

(on if he reflects privately on the things he doesn’t reflect on publicly) “Not yet, no. Honestly, you guys probably think I’m just telling you this, but honestly I don’t think it’s the time. When you reflect on something, usually you think back because something is over. The season’s not over, so for me to sit and reflect on a game or something else, it’s just not the time to do it.

(on C Doug Legursky likely playing in place of Maurkice Pouncey) “I think he’s going to put more pressure on himself than anybody needs to. And that’s the biggest thing I’ll say to him is, ‘Listen, you’re good enough. You don’t have to do anything special. Don’t try and be Maurkice; just be yourself, because you’re good enough to get it done being Doug Legursky. So I’m just going to try and talk to him and tell him to be calm and I think he’ll be fine because he’s a pro. He knows how to play the game. He knows how to play the position and he’s really good at it.

(on how much previous trips help prepare him for this Super Bowl trip) “I think just maybe having a calmness to yourself, knowing how to deal with a lot of different [things] – the adversity of all the media obligations and different kinds of things. So I think just being able to talk to some of the young guys – I remember in Tampa when I was warming up I was standing next to Santonio Holmes and I said to him, ‘Hey, just make this a regular game for yourself. Don’t try and do anything special.’ And he did a great job. I warm up next to Mike [Wallace] now and I’ll probably tell him the same thing.

(on how he wants people to think of him) “Well, hopefully a lot of things. I want to be a role model. I want people to look up to me. I like when kids wear my jersey and stuff. Just how awesome having an inner peace in life can be.

(on if he has extra motivation to win the Super Bowl after all he’s been through this year) “Since I’ve been a little kid, I’ve wanted to win the Super Bowl, so I’ve always wanted to win. If you need extra motivation to win a Super Bowl, there’s probably something wrong with you.

(on if he envisions changing his playing style) “If I’m too hurt to move around and do things I do or if I’m blessed enough to play this game to where I’m too old to do it, I may adopt a change a little bit. But if it works, I guess don’t try and fix it right?

(on if last year he ever questioned whether he would be able to play again) “I love playing this game. I’ve always wanted to play and hoped that I…I think every player wants to walk out on their own terms, whether it’s retiring. You never want to leave on an injury or forced out. That’s my goal: hopefully I can walk out some day [on my own].

(on how he has changed) “Inner peace is a great thing when you have it. If you know what it is, I think you would understand where I’m coming from.

(on if religion has played a role) “Getting back to my faith, yes. Faith and family.

(on the fan base and how many people are already in Dallas for the game) “It’s awesome. I don’t want to say we’re used to it because we don’t want to take it for granted, but everywhere we go there are Steelers fans and they’re awesome. That’s why I will sit here and say until the day I die that I feel that Steelers fans are the best fans in all of sports, bar none. I know we’ve got a team whose fans are going to want to argue that because Packers fans are great, too, so that’s why I think this is the awesome matchup. You’ve got two really good football teams, you’ve got two great fan bases and you’ve got two storied franchises. From top to bottom I think this is an awesome matchup for the League.

(On whether three Super Bowl rings would put him in a category with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning) “It probably depends on who you ask. Every analyst and everybody have their opinions and that’s what they’re paid to do. I think they’re the best in the game, so I’d put them up there too.

(on if he feels he ranks with them) “I’d put Aaron Rodgers up there.

(on what he sees as his path to being a role model is and if it’s more than just on-the-field success) “No, absolutely there’s a lot more to it than that. You want to be a good person. You want to be a good – someday, hopefully – father and husband, whatever that entails – grandfather and all those things. There are a lot of people you need to be a role model too; it’s not just the fans on the street. I want to be, someday when I have kids, a role model to my kids as well.

(on what impresses him most about the Packers defense) “Everything. It starts up front for me: that pass rush. Clay Matthews and all those guys, they get to the quarterback and they wreak havoc. They did it the last time we played them and they’ve been doing it all year. They’re just really great players and you’ve always got to find out where the linebackers are then [Charles] Woodson and the rest of the guys. This is going to be one of the toughest challenges we’ve ever had.

(on Brett Keisel’s beard) “It’s special. I really don’t know what else to say about it…The beard has its own Twitter page. It’s got a Myspace page. It’s got a Facebook page, and it’s got its own t-shirt, so I mean, it’s its own entity. He hides everything in there. We go hunting and he hides his decoys in there.

(on if he has ever wanted to be a more traditional quarterback) “I think the thing about it is people, for some reason, assume that I want to play the style I play. I don’t really want to do that. I want to drop back and get the ball out in time, but sometimes either our style of offense or the way we play the game just doesn’t happen like that. For me, it’s just playing the game the way I know how to play it. I don’t want to change it unless something dictates that I change it.

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