Steelers Lose To Jets 22-17 – Game Recap & Notes

Here are my game notes and recap of the Steelers week 15 loss to the New York Jets.

2 plays to win it at the end and it just did not happen. Kind of reminded me of the Packers game last year at the end. Tough loss, but the Steelers still pretty much control their own destiny if they can beat the Panthers and Browns.

The opening kickoff really took the air out in a hurry. The Steelers deferred after winning the toss to put the defense on the field. Brad Smith was gone up the middle. Special teams just missed all day it seemed.

I thought David Johnson and Matt Spaeth had up and down games. Some highlights for both as well as a few low lights. Would of been interesting had Heath Miller been able to go today. I think he really could of exploited the middle of the field.

Of course I really will not truly know how the offensive line did until I do my play by play breakdown on Monday, but Maurkice Pouncey, Ramon Foster and Flozell Adams seemed to be doing well early on. Left tackle Jonathan Scott did not cutoff the backside 3 technique on the safety and Jason Taylor got penetration. Boils down to execution although several will not look at it that way. Pretty black and white what happened. Scott was replaced next drive by Trai Essex so it is pretty clear who was being punished for that safety. It could signal that Essex might get a shot to win the left tackle spot in final 2 weeks.

Coming out party for Emmanuel Sanders as he caught 7 balls for 78 yards. He was not without a few gaffs, but he is growing up quick.

Rashard Mendenhall ran really good today. Very impressive breaking tackles again and getting extra yardage.

The Mark Sanchez bootleg touchdown was the perfect call at the right time for a struggling offense.

Steelers played a lot of man coverage and had Ike Taylor on Santonio Holmes most of the day from what I saw. Holmes had 6 catches, but no big plays and only ended up with 40 yards.

Jeremy Kapinos is not Daniel Sepulveda, but let us give him a few games before calling him Mitch Berger.

Mike Wallace was close several times for the homerun play. He is night and day difference from last year. Not the one trick pony anymore.

Lawrence Timmons was all over the field once again and had a ton of tackles. Great burst hawking down Edwards on a roll out pass to him.

LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison just missed Sanchez a few times. Could of been drive stalling sacks, but it seemed like Sanchez made those plays we did not get him.

Ryan Mundy will never be confused with Troy Polamalu, but I thought he played well in his first start at strong safety.

The Ryan Clark flag was of course questionable. I wonder if he will get fined. Same goes for another hit by Harrison after I believe an Edwards catch.

The Steelers certainly can not be accused of getting the calls on Sunday. 3 accepted penalties for 35 yards with 2 being 15 yard flavor. Not sure what Flozell was thinking on his. The good news there were no holding calls.

Ben Roethlisberger extended a few plays once again with his legs so that foot must not be too bad.

Edwards had to step up for the Jets today and he did. One of the long catches he had looked like great coverage, he just made the play.

Looks like Heath may be back next week. Special teamer Arnaz Battle had a shoulder injury. I do not expect Polamalu to be back Thursday against the Panthers.

More coming shortly.

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