Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Press Conference Tuesday December 14th Week 15 Jets

Audio from Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin press conference on Tuesday December 14th, 2010. Tomlin met the media on Tuesday for upcoming week 15 game against the New York Jets and goes over the past Bengals game. Tomlin takes questions from the local media and gives the injury update. Check out our notes and recap below as we add them. Will be updated over next hour.

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T Flozell Adams (ankle) may be limited this week as too may be CB Bryant McFadden (hamstring) and S Troy Polamalu (ankle). DE Aaron Smith (triceps) is progressing and lifting weights. TE Heath Miller (concussion) has passed all his post concussion test and is a full go this week. DB Anthony Madison (knee contusion) and LB Keyaron Fox (hyper extended elbow) are other bumps and bruises noted by Tomlin. None of the injuries sound serious.

Tomlin notes the stiff challenge the Jets offer this week and says both teams want to remain among the elite. Tomlin says it should provide a unique match-up. Tomlin praises coaching staff likes their leadership of Jets FB Tony Richardson, LB Bart Scott, RB LaDainian Tomlinson and DE Jason Taylor. Also calls that batch extremely talented. Referred to Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez as a high round draft pick and very talented young man. Praises Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards as another guy the Steelers are familiar with along with Brad Smith. Calls TE Dustin Keller very talented as well and is a vertical threat and notes the Jets also use their backs quite a bit in the passing game. Tomlin says nobody jumps off the page statistically because they use everybody and are very balanced.

Defensively Tomlin says the Jets are going to bring pressure from every angle and says it is not heavy in any one area, they spread things out and get production from a number of people on defense. Tomlin says they don’t have one James Harrison type player racking up all of the sacks. Tomlin impressed with Calvin Pace and how he jumps out on film. Finishes with praising Revis and company at cornerback and knows what they are capable of.

Tomlin desires to educate as far as Polamalu lateral after interception and situational football and says it wasn’t a good situational maneuver. Tomlin also notes muffed punt by Antonio Brown as well. Tomlin says you don’t want it to happen, but when it does you need to use it as a teaching tool.

Tomlin jokes that nobody throws the ball to Revis’ side of the field and says he doesn’t know how good Darrelle Revis really is because he has no film on him because nobody throws his way.

Tomlin acknowledges execution as problem on offense and not scoring. Says the holding penalties need to stop. The grabbing and restricting.

Tomlin does not have a flag when asked about hits on Ben Roethlisberger. Will not disclose what he says to the league.

Says Polamalu had a great break on a familiar route on the first interception. Said Troy in great position. Ankle injury just an aggravation of the existing ankle problem.

Notes the quality play of recent by William Gay. Tomlin looks at play not his confidence level.

Tomlin rattles off Roethlisberger injuries says he will not be limited this week in practice.

Tomlin says Sanchez is Brees like when asked if he reminds him of anyone. Notes his arm strength and how he plays with confidence and is mature beyond his years.

Tomlin notes how Holmes is a great route runner and how he is being used similarly to way Steelers used him because of his skill set. Talks a little about the decision to trade Holmes and how it resulted in getting Bryant McFadden back. Talks about things you weigh making those decisions.

Tomlin breaks and teases Ryan Clark as he walks through the room. Says, Ryan Clark ladies and gentlemen.

Tomlin did not watch Hard Knocks and has no interest of doing a Steelers Hard Knocks. Hope the Rooney family feels the same he says.

Not not blaming tight end shortage for red zone problems says not executing in that area to his liking.

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