Steelers Beat Bengals 27-21 – Game Recap & Notes

That left side of the line was very scary mixed in with Maurkice Pouncey missing time. Mike Tomlin was getting tight end Matt Spaeth ready to play tackle. Sounds like Chris Kemoeatu might be sidelined next week. Too early to tell. I can tell you that Jonathan Scott does not get many snaps at left guard. He is not a great left side option at tackle or guard. Better on the right side.

If the injuries keep up, they will likely need the Aaron Smith roster spot pretty soon. It is fine to wait for him if you have the space. Need to stay healthy.

I bet Ben Roethlisberger wishes he had that one pass back. No one can get out of pressure like he can though. He is Houdini. Thank God for that as the line was giving up a ton of pressure again.

LaMarr Woodley should of had a much better game than what he had. He was held a few times on non calls, but he did not dominate Andre Smith like I thought he should.

Great timing on the trick play by Bruce Arians. I mentioned before though I do not like those receiver carries.

Not the best game by Hines Ward. Not sure if he had a Keith Rivers pay back in his head or not. Also I think I counted 5 drops tonight by the receivers.

Jeff Reed nails a 53 yarder and misses a 46 yarder. Kickers, kickers, kickers.

Lawrence Timmons! I sound like a broken record and am not telling you anything you do not know with him. Guy is everywhere again.

I told you about the Bengals special teams in the preview. Emmanuel Sanders earned his helmet on the opening kickoff. Jason Worilds I think had the recovery. Two rookies making special teams plays.

That Casey Hampton penalty was very questionable. He needs to put those behind him immediately. Seemed to bug him and effect his play.

Props to Terrell Owens. He showed up to play. They knew they had a mismatch on William Gay by lining up TO in the slot. Gay can not jam or stick with him. Hard to play bump and run as Bryant McFadden also found out.

Chad Ochocinco is a cancer, but you knew that. Guy really could of been good if he was not so full of himself.

Carson Palmer looked both Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark off several times. Looked like both of them were not giving the help needed at times.

On the other side, Ike Taylor had another great game for the most part.

Rashard Mendenhall was doing it all by himself on about 9 carries as the line was getting blown up off the snap. Imagine if we had 4 more Pounceys. He really is an all purpose back.

James Harrison won the game tonight. Good for him after all he has been through.

Seemed like James Farrior had a much better game this time out versus the Bengals. That pass breakup to Cedric Benson was an unlucky bounce. He was right with him.

Flozell Adams took a swing at a Bengals player that may cost him a fine.

Teams refuse to even try to run on the defense. Benson only had 54 yards.

Some how, some way the Steelers have to get more pressure on the opposing quarterbacks. I said it before, good QBs with good receivers can pick apart a 3-4 defense playing zone cover 2 secondary with enough time. Drew Brees and Carson Palmer have and Tom Brady is up next.

It is going to take a more complete effort to beat the Patriots next week.

The tackling did not seem as good tonight for some reason. I need to watch the tape again.

Props to coach Al Everest on the special teams. A punt block? I love it.

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