Steelers Lose To Saints 20-10 – Game Recap & Notes

Emmanuel Sanders is still growing up. Has to hold on to the football and will be a good return man if he does. Certainly understands he has to block. Also seemed to take that 4th down pass away from Hines Ward.

The challenge was a bad one obviously on the Antwaan Randle El play. Didn\’t even look close.

The offensive line really did not do their jobs down on the goal-line. You have to get the push there and own it. Taking 3 was a huge killer. I do not understand bringing Doug Legursky in cold for that.

The Saints really were conscious of taking away the deep ball. Those gap blitzes were perfectly timed in the first half and the sacks and pressures came at the wrong times and killed drives. They looked to make adjustments in the 2nd half for the blitz. Ben Roethlisberger could not audible out with the noise and the hot reads seemed off by both him and the receivers.

Great catch by Mike Wallace in traffic in the first half. Best traffic catch I have seen him make in his young career. He is trying to show he is not a one trick pony and worked better underneath tonight.

The crowd noise played a big role. I have been in that building quite a few times. Those drunks get loud. Cost a first half timeout.

You have to wonder if the head of Jeff Reed is right about now. The snap was high on the long field goal, but wind is no factor.

Thought the run pass mix on 1st down was balanced, just the execution was very poor. 3rd down fails and sacks really hurt. The running game was there on the right.

I did not like the call to go for it on 4th down in the 3rd quarter. Giving Drew Brees a short field is never a good idea. Punting and pinning them was the play.

Hard to defend that back shoulder throw on the touchdown to Marques Colston. That was a great pass by Brees.

No surprise that Lawrence Timmons was all over the field again making plays. He is the defensive MVP thus far.

Ike Taylor has worked on his hands. Another interception for him.

The Bryant McFadden blitz came at the right time and could of been the biggest play of the game had the Steelers won

William Gay went for the route undercut on that big 1st down conversion. He read it wrong.

Until they gave up the first TD, the Steelers offense showed no urgency. 3 for 10 on 3rd downs was killer.

Pretty obvious what a killer the Heath Miller fumble was. Was a great play down the seem and a great hit on Miller.

Teams with a great third receiver like Lance Moore will always find soft spots underneath. You can\’t stop everything and the Saints showed patience taking that. On the Moore TD, Ryan Clark bit on play action and Brees threaded the ball perfectly.

Ziggy Hood played well. Held the point of attack well. Not a bad first start. He did get caught inside a few times, but it happens.

Never saw Steve McLendon rotate in on the defensive line and only saw Chris Hoke a few times. I can\’t wait to do the participation chart.

Troy Polamalu uses his latitude usually very well, but guessed wrong a few times tonight. He did however show great quickness and a few great tackles.

Jonathan Scott scares me when he comes in the game for some reason. Glad Flozell Adams made it back.

David Johnson made that Rashard Mendenhall touchdown with a key block.

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