Steelers Lose To Ravens 17-14 – Game Recap & Notes

The Steelers lost at home to the Baltimore Ravens 17-14 in the 4th game of the 2010 season. Below are my recap notes and nuggets I kept on the game along with my observations. I have much more coming on this game and am working through the night. These are initial reactions of mine as I am about to watch the game a second time and begin working up tape selections. Below are the notes I compiled throughout the game. Remember these are initial reactions one time through the game. If you are going to disagree, do it respectfully or go to the other places to be ugly.

Everyone is down with the loss, but everyone of you in Steeler Nation would of taken a guarantee of 3-1 after 4 games. Hard to be too critical on this team going into the bye.

11 penalties will kill you. Especially when 3 came on the last Steelers possession and the punt.

Antwaan Randle El made a great catch on the Steelers first TD drive on a great pass from Charlie Batch that was thrown where only El could catch it.

Steelers defense did not blitz as much today as I thought they should of. Played a ton of soft zone, giving up short stuff underneath.

Holding the Ravens running backs to 95 total all purpose yards was fantastic. Keep in mind that Ray Rice was used sparingly though.

Ravens left tackle Michael Oher was starting early before the snap all day. I guess he was on the blind side. The refs blind side. Not the difference in the game mind you, but it was quite obvious. Only called once I think.

No more wide receiver reverses need to be called for a while as they take too long to develop.

Rookie center Maurkice Pouncey had his hands full today. I think he knows what it will take next time these two teams play. He was not awful mind you, but needs to learn from it. Did not seem to be getting off blocks as well this week.

The Ravens got tremenfdous pressure on Charlie Batch early in the game and up until halftime. The adjustments seemed to help in the second half.

Jeff Reed was kicking into the open end I know, but those were tough misses for sure. Needs to snap out of it going forward.

Hines Ward was very quiet today for the most part and did not play a big part in the game.

Not the best game by the offensive line. I reserve judgment until I do my thorough breakdown.

The Ravens really wanted to attack underneath and in the middle. Even in the run game. They took what was given them on the game.

Charlie Batch held the ball on some snaps for a long time. You could tell he did not want to force it.

Lawrence Timmons was all over the place once again, but he and James Farrior missed a few tackles inside on key plays.

Good to see Ike Taylor get an interception, too bad it was all for not. He did play a bit soft though on the day, but not the cause of the loss.

James Harrison knocked Willis McGahee nearly out. I think I saw him held obviously twice that was not called.

Lardarius Webb made the play of the day for the Ravens on a sure TD to Mike Wallace. That was 6 for sure. Webb also made two other plays if memory serves me.

Mike Wallace needs to improve his route running still in small spaces. This is where Santonio Holmes was very dangerous.

The secondary once again did what they did against the Falcons to start the season. This time the Ravens punched it in late on Bryant McFadden.

Casey Hampton got inside at least twice that I noticed. Looks like the hamstring is better.

LaMarr Woodley was not as active as I thought he would be today. The Ravens did a good job picking up the pressure for the most part on the day.

William Gay made a few good plays in key situations at the nickel corner spot.

Ravens punter Sam Koch was un-returnable today. Nice direction and hang time.

Rashard Mendenhall has arrived and knows how to read the hole post snap. It is fun to see the complete maturation process since the same time a year ago.

Isaac Redman continues to do things that do not show up on the stat sheet.

Charlie Batch gets a hat tip for the job he did the last 2 and a half games. He really played well. Remember he was the #4 QB headed into camp and really never got work until the injuries hit to Byron Leftwich and Dennis Dixon.

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