10 Steelers Players With Turk Appointments & 17 Bubble Boys

The Steelers trimmed down to 75 players on Tuesday morning and now will need to cut 21 more by September 4th. Why 21 and not 22 you ask? This is because quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be moved to the reserve/suspended list, so technically that will not be a cut. I have listed 10 players that will likely be seeing the Turk soon and 16 players who could be considered on the bubble right now in my opinion. None of these are locked in stone mind you and this list is for entertainment purposes only, so no one get your feelings hurt until the cuts are made as ANYTHING can happen in these final days before cut downs have to filed with the league. These are in no particular order either.

Turk Appointments:

LB Renauld Williams – Really has played well in the middle and if injuries happen during the year, I could indeed see Renauld getting a phone call to come back. Would not be surprised if he got a chance elsewhere or he may return to the CFL.

RB Justin Vincent – Justin seems like he has been with us forever. Almost like a yearly Summer intern.

NT Scott Paxson – See Justin Vincent.

TE/FB Sean McHugh – I thought McHugh would challenge David Johnson for the 3rd tight end spot, but the film shows that Johnson is clearly the better of the two.

WR Brandon London – London has bounced around the NFL and the bounce will continue. He is a male model, so perhaps GQ is better suited for him.

T Kyle Jolly – Undrafted free agent who only received a handful of snaps in preseason. Might a practice squad candidate.

TE Eugene Bright – Another tight end body that would look good on the practice squad. Bright is not afraid to to the dirty blocking work.

G/C Dorian Brooks – Converted defensive lineman that has begun center training and could be headed to the practice squad and will be helped if Justin Hartwig and Kraig Urbik are indeed released.

S Da\’Mon Cromartie-Smith – He made a nice hit in the Detroit preseason game causing a fumble in the redzone. Other than that, he has been very quiet. Could be another one headed to the practice squad.

S Justin Thornton – Merely a camp body and has an outside shot at a practice squad spot.

Bubble Boys

LDE Doug Worthington – Late round draft pick that appears closer to the practice squad than the active roster. He has been in the last rotation at left defensive end.

G/C Kraig Urbik – Urbik is likely the 54th or 55th player right now. He has made progress this preseason, but it may be too late. If veteran Justin Hartwig is cut, it really improves his chances. This could go either way and he could be battling Ramon Foster as well.

ILB Stevenson Sylvester – It will be surprising if he does not make it, but I am not willing to list him as a lock. Good athlete and very smart.

RB/FB Frank Summers – Under performed since being drafted. If he makes it, I hope he is renting in Pittsburgh and not buying.

LS Matt Stewart – He can get down field better than Greg Warren, but the snaps need to be right first. His inconsistency, might be his down fall despite having two good knees.

DB Anthony Madison – Has been playing all over in the secondary at every position again and is a special teams warrior. If he makes it, it is because of his special teams resume.

OLB Patrick Bailey – Bailey has stuck all this time because of his special teams play. His play at outside linebacker has not improved and the Steelers have numbers now on special teams and both outside linebacking spots.

KR Stefan Logan – If he makes it, it is because the Steelers do not trust rookie Antonio Brown to do the job. It is that simple. If cut, Logan will surface elsewhere as a kick returner.

WR Arnaz Battle – The rookie wide receivers took a step back against the Broncos and that helps Arnaz. He and Tyler Grisham are likely battling each other as well. I think he is just inside the bubble, but his face is pressed against it.

CB Joe Burnett – Joe really has not gotten that many snaps in preseason and that is worrisome. He really has been used as a back up nickel back and seems to fallen from grace. Rookie Crezdon Butler has more position flexibility and is one week away perhaps from bumping the 2009 draft pick.

CB Crezdon Butler – Great closing speed and great hands. Closing in on the 53rd spot very quickly. Butler will get a long look against Carolina. If he does not make the cut, he may not clear waivers to the practice squad.

RB Jonathan Dwyer – The jury is still out. Was Sunday night against Denver enough? Still struggles in important areas other than carrying the ball. He really is better suited for an early practice squad spot. It will be close with him for sure and I will not be surprised either way it goes with him.

G/T Ramon Foster – Hard to believe he is on my list, but I would not bet my house on him being a lock. He is more inside the bubble than outside and has the hand up on Urbik. I hate to put him on the list, but it is, what it is. Should make it.

RDE Ra\’Shon Sunny Harris – Sunny has gotten his ass kicked by old man Nick Eason this offseason and has been working behind Eason as the 3rd right defensive end. I do not like his chances right now.

C Justin Hartwig – Passed by rookie Maurkice Pouncey on the depth chart and despite playing guard 25 years ago, is not as flexible as Doug Legursky. The Steelers are likely dangling him as trade bait, but his contract is not appealing and teams know he will likely be cut.

WR Tyler Grisham – All he does is continue to make coaches have a tough time cutting him. He would look great on the practice squad again, but could be a 53rd player on many teams roster. Battling Arnaz Battle and is not as good on special teams. It will be close with him.

DT Steve McLendon – Really the only decision with Steve is if he gets cut or gets put on injured reserve. He has missed almost all of camp with a knee injury.

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