Steelers Six From Around The Web – Wednesday June 9th – Bowling Practice Edition

A new Steelers DVD is being released, but likely not one that you hoped to see as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is set to release more than 50 DVDs relating to the Ben Roethlisberger sexual assault case today. Even though Roethlisberger was not charged in the case, Georgia law requires authorities to release evidence if requested.

Steelers right tackle Willie Colon might not ever secure a long term deal with the team according to his agent, Joe Linta. Linta told the Tribune that Colon is destined to play for another NFL team in another year or two and that no talks have taken place between himself and and negotiator Omar Khan.

The Steelers went bowling yesterday and there are several candid moments in the video from Most notably that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is back clowning around with his teammates. The Steelers will hold their only meaningful practice this week, today as Thursday is “hat day”.

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It should be noted that safety Troy Polamalu has reported to the Steelers final week of offseason practices as well after missing the last few to train back in California per his usual tradition.

Another Tuesday and another Ed Bouchette Steelers chat transcript is up on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Not anything really earth shattering this week from Mr. Ed.

Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch believes the NFL is heading towards a lockout in 2011. Batch reports that there has been no progress reported in what little negotiations have taken place to extend the collective bargaining agreement that expires in March and that the NFL has hired outside counsel Bob Batterman, who handled negotiations for the NHL when that league shut down the entire 2004-05 season.

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