We Don\’t Need More Apologies Ben, Just Better Actions & A Hair Cut

Once again, Ben Roethlisberger had to read another prepared statement following the announcement that he would not have charges pressed against him for the incident down in Georgia. This is getting very tiring for Steeler Nation. Ben says we will see a different person now.

Ben should start by hiring an image consultant. I would of shown up for that press conference on Monday with a haircut that looked like I was joining the Marines. Ben looked like a rough neck yesterday. Sure, I am not down on long hair, I use to have head banger hair myself in the 80\’s, but considering what Ben has gone through, it would of been a note worthy gesture.

What we want is a leader. What we want is our franchise quarterback to act like a franchise quarterback. You are already cool to us. Having a motorcycle, parting with college girls and having long hair does not impress us. You are cool by the fact that you are the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers. We see all of the great charity work you do. It is not highly publicized because it does not sell papers. I assure you that ever member of Steeler Nation indeed sees it though.

Words are just that, Ben. Words. Steeler Nation wants actions. Actions speak louder than words. There is nothing wrong with having a night on the town for your birthday, but you need to know that the internet is everywhere. They even have it in Mayberry, Georgia. Everyone is the media these days, even me. We wear no credentials, but can write and post what we want to a large readership in less than 5 minutes. Ever action you do in public is magnified and everyone sees it.

In closing what every fan of Steeler Nation wants is to not have to see you do any more apologies, we only want post game press conferences in which you talk about winning football games.

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