Steelers Six From Around The Web – Wednesday April 14th

Wow! We didn\’t know Big Ben read our blog, but after suggesting that Ben Roethlisberger cut his hair yesterday morning, he showed up at the meeting with the Commissioner with a nice and fresh, high and tight cut. It is a slow step in the right direction. Now Ben will wait and see what both Goodell and Art II decide as far as punishment goes.

The rumor that the Rams are trying to trade two 1st rounders for Ben has not been substantiated, but it is quite an entertaining offer. In my opinion though, you would still have to pay high dollar for 4 1st rounders in 2 years with one being a quarterback. I just do not see the Steelers doing that and trading a known commodity like Ben. Bob Smizik posted his thoughts on this very subject as well.

On Tuesday, Ben lost his endorsement deal with PLB, a local food marketer, for his Big Ben Beef Jerky. Not surprising, but what is surprising is that he was earning 2 million plus for that. Better hurry and snap these off of eBay as they surely will be a collectors item.

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Kicker Jeff Reed signed his tender offer from the Steelers on Tuesday, meaning he will be in the Black and Gold barring a trade in 2010. Reed will earn $2,814,000 for 2010 as the Steelers look to get him signed to a longer deal.

The Jets Blog has the full transcript up from the Santonio Holmes press conference on Monday afternoon. Funny how he says he does not know what message the Steelers were sending by trading him.

Some how in all the trades and legal stories involving the Steelers, we missed a Q & A with new offensive line coach Sean Kugler. The interview is on and conducted by Bob Labriola.

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