I Am Not Self Righteous, Just A Normal Steelers Fan Is All

I turned 42 years old today. Big deal? No not really, but it does mean that I have followed the Steelers now for about 38 years now. I have seen it all when it comes to this franchise, at least up until the latest incident with Big Ben that is. This post will not be liked by half of you reading it, according to this poll. The half of the half left I hope to run off as well. I do not sugar coat things like other Steelers blogs do. Most of the bloggers are afraid to chime in completely with their stances and views as they do not want to offend ANY of their readership. Most sit on the sidelines listening to their readership comment and then post standing up for both sides of the subject. You often see this on blog networks as they are more concerned with creating a community of butt kissers. It happens on other blogs as well, although sometimes not as noticeable. I am both rich and retired, so I really do not give a crap who I offend. This helps me post from the heart and I do not worry about who may or may not bookmark this blog. It must work as my readership continues to grow along with my following on Twitter. Yes, whatever.

Following the Steelers all these years, I know what the Steeler organization stands for. I know what standards they preach to their players to try to live up to. They are indeed one of the most respectable, storied and decorated franchises in the NFL. That does not happen by luck. That happens by having a solid business plan and fundamentals. It has been taught and passed down through the Rooney family. In the modern NFL era, the Steelers have only had four head coaches, four I said. Neither of the two previous coaches were fired as well. Only the first modern era coach, Bill Austin, was fired. Three of the four have won Super Bowl titles as well. Six in total since the format started in the 1966 season.

Now before I get into the Roethlisberger situation, let me say I have not been perfect in my life. I do not claim to be. I would also like to point out I have never played quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I should probably add that I have never played any position for the Steelers. I have however had my picture taken with The Chief, Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris and Lynn Swann. Any questions thus far?

Back to Ben. Only he and his now three accusers know what really happened in all three separate incidents of alleged sexual assault. I do not pretend to know if indeed all three of these incidents actually happened or not. Roethlisberger has not been charged with any crime and thus will not face a jury unless there is a civil trial, which at this point there is not any. Regardless, Ben\’s reputation will take a long time top recover. A long time like after his playing days are over. The alleged incidents are a HUGE distraction to a team that was hopeful to win its third Lombardi Trophy in 6 seasons. The locker room is divided and the trading of Santonio Holmes was the first of many warning shots fired by the Rooney family.

The best thing the Steelers can do in my opinion, is to trade Ben prior to the draft or on draft day itself. The Commissioner has yet to rule on a suspension for Ben and his value is at it\’s highest you could expect it to be following 2 Super Bowl titles and two public sexual assault allegations. Ben is guilty of one thing. That thing is allowing himself to be put into the type situations that have led to these allegations. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. In all fairness to Ben, he needs a fresh start as well. Anything short of a Super Bowl title and everyone will point to sexual assault allegations. You know it and I know it. There is no loophole or excuse for Ben now. It is all or nothing with Steeler Nation now. You are an idiot if you do not see this point of view. I am sure even Ben knows it.

It is time for the Steelers franchise to heel and get on with the future. In a salary cap free year with a team that is still fairly old on the defensive side of the ball, now is the perfect opportunity to dump a HUGE salary and get the necessary picks to help rebuild through the draft. The Steelers never build through free agency and the opportunity of having several high draft picks can not be ignored as well as saving what is left of the standards and ethics the organization has built over the years.

I am not sorry to announce that I hope the Steelers do in fact trade Big Ben. It has been a short, but great run. A divorce is needed dearly for both sides. Everyone sees this, but most will not admit to it. Well, I have. If Ben stays, I will not turn in my Steeler Nation card, but my crystal ball tells me that this will not be a smart move.

Happy Birthday to me. If you want to leave an intelligent comment, do so below. If you want to be a jackass or kiss my butt, please go to a different Steelers blog that fosters that. I do not approve many comments as most are unintelligent and stupid. I want to protect that side of our fan base from ridicule. Which group are you in?

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