Is It April Fools Day, Yet?

I have to be honest with my readers. I had an elaborate April Fools day prank planned that involved the Steelers. With the latest news this morning about Santonio Holmes being sued for assaulting a woman in a club, I have called off that prank. Right now, every morning I wake up, I look to see if it is April Fools day. Too many incidents as of late involving Steeler players will do that to a person.

Just because the Steelers have always pressed their players to stay out of legal trouble, does not mean they will. We live in a day and time where the big name athletes make an extraordinary amount of money and are constantly encircled with temptations. Did Ben Roethlisberger sexually assault either of those two woman? Did Santonio really throw a drink in woman\’s face? None of us really know for sure at this point and neither player has been charged in their latest incidents.

One thing is for sure, both Roethlisberger and Holmes put themselves in the wrong places at the wrong times. My dad always told me growing up, that nothing good happens after midnight. Unless you are working, you should be at home is my opinion. Of course I do not have the kind of money that Ben and Tone have, but I am retired myself and could afford to go out that late should I choose to. Now do not get me wrong, no person is a bad person that stays out after midnight, but as high profile and recognizable that Ben and Santonio are, the more under the microscope they are.

I would hate to think about either Roethlisberger or Holmes missing time during the 2010 season, but I wish Mr. Rooney would stop worrying so much about Ireland and start worrying more about the Steelers image or lack there of, as of late. An example needs to be made soon of someone. Does that mean either player should be suspended for a few games by the Steelers organization? It would not hurt my feelings at this point.

If you wake up one morning in the near future and read the headline, “Roethlisberger Suspended For 2 Games”, don\’t look at the calendar as it probably isn\’t April Fools Day.

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