LaDanian Tomlinson Will Not Be On Steelers Radar

I know the Chargers early release of running back LaDanian Tomlinson might have been a shock to some, but as soon as it happened, the fans of 31 other teams started pondering what LT would look like in their teams colors. One uniform I guarantee you will not see him in, is a Steelers uniform. As sexy as it seems to have LT teamed up with Rashard Mendenhall in the backfield, you can get that thought out of your head right now.

First, LT is on the wrong side of 30 with declining skills and productivity. Second, the price tag regardless of what it is will still be too expensive for the Steelers, who have said they will still treat 2010 as if the salary cap was still in place. Third, LT still believes he can start. No way will he go anywhere without being given some what of a promise to win the starting job. That will not happen in Pittsburgh.

What way could LT end up being a Steeler? The only way it is even fathomable would be if Mendenhall were to go down with a season ending injury early in the season would Tomlinson remotely be considered by the Steelers. By then, LT surely will be long off the market though. Look for teams like New England or New Orleans to give LT his final crack before riding off into a future place in the Hall of Fame after the mandatory 5 year wait. LT has broken many records, but has no Super Bowl rings to show for it all. His former teammate Drew Brees, might be his best shot at both a starting roster spot and an elusive Super Bowl ring.

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