Steelers Versus Packers Week 15 Preview & Prediction

Losing 5 straight games and falling almost completely out of playoff contention has put head coach Mike Tomlin a position to see exactly what type of coach he is. The Steelers need a ton of help to make the playoffs and they must start by helping themselves.

On offense it would be advisable to run quick releases and slants in the passing game to get the ball out of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger\’s hands quicker. Roethlisberger was sacked 8 times in Cleveland and the Packers pass rush is 8 times better than the Browns. Also getting running back Rashard Mendenhall involved more in the passing game as well as play action, will help slow down the Packers defense. The Steelers have had some success running right this year and need to stick to the run more on early downs. This time the Steelers hope to keep the game close in the 4th so they can be the one\’s to steal a late victory.

On defense the pass rush must get in Aaron Rodgers face and disrupt his passing lanes while also not letting him outside the packet. Running back Ryan Grant must be forced to run in between the tackles all day as well. He can not be allowed to get on the edge. Greg Jennings and Donald Driver can be deadly against cover two coverages. It would be advisable to blend in some man on man coverages on passing downs.

The Steelers will be tested at home today, not only by the Packers, but by the home fans. The boo birds could come out early should the Steelers get down in a hurry. They need to focus on making splash, something they have not seen much of this season. The Steelers are favored for some odd reason and this leads me to believe they will pull this one out some way. Might be a splash play or late turnover, but I expect a close game regardless. The Steelers finally get a win after 5 straight losses.

Prediction: Steelers: 24 Packers 23

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