Steelers Fans Need To Stop Blaming The Colts

Did we all want to the Colts to beat the Jets yesterday? Absolutely! Were we all sick to our stomachs when we saw Curtis Painter take the keys to the Colts offense? Without a doubt. Were we all mad at Colts coaching staff and front office for not recognizing NFL history and greatness laid out before them? Oh, yes indeed. The thing Steeler Nation needs to accept is that the Colts did none of this to spite the Steelers. The Steelers were the farthest thing from their minds. We, as fans, are selfishly motivated. We tend to paint pictures in our heads that look good to us and us only. It is only natural.

It indeed would be easy to throw out a cliché like, what would you want the Steelers to do if they were in the same situation? Steeler Nation would be split in half. Half would want to make a run at history, with the other half only caring about keeping Ben Roethlisberger from a needless season ending injury. If the Steelers had indeed been in that same situation and pulling Big Ben resulted in a loss that hurt the Bengals, Browns or Ravens playoff chances, most of us would be laughing uncontrollable today. Admit it.

If you were to look at it as a person that had no vested interest either way and were mad at the Colts for turning their noses up at greatness, I could understand that. The problem is that 99% of the people that read this article have a vested interest. It is what it is! The Colts owed nobody anything. Not us, not the Jets and certainly not the record books. To blame the Colts for the Steelers chances of making the playoffs being lessened is bad thinking. When you point a finger at another team, you have four pointing back at your team. Just thank God we have Super Bowl rings on those four fingers and five more rings than the Indianapolis Colts currently have right now.

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