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Steelers Six From Around The Web – Wednesday July 29th has started their 32 camp tour and has posted the schedule on the website. Thomas George will be reporting in from Latrobe on August 1st.

Dale Lolley chimed in with his Steelers over and under wins thoughts as well as his predictions on the Colts, Jets, Chargers and Broncos. has posted part 3 of the Q & A with rookie cornerback, Joe Burnett. Burnett admits he has plenty of room for improvement in all facets of his game.

The Ravens signed former wide receiver Jayson Foster, on Tuesday. Foster was officially released by the Steelers on June 18th and had been on and off the practice squad.

Eagles long time defensive coordinator Jim Johnson passed away on Tuesday. Johnson was one of the best defensive minds in the game. The Steelers were 1-2 versus Johnson during his tenure as the Eagles DC. He will forever be remembered by all true football fans.

Joe Paterno held is Big 10 press Conference on Monday and was funny as only Joe Pa can be. Fast forward to his comments about Twitter at the 13:00 mark, very entertaining. The video is below. Make sure to follow Steelers Depot on Tweedle-doo and Tweedle-dee as well.

“What do you guys call those things? Tweedle-doo? Tweedle-dee? I haven\’t got the slightest idea what you\’re looking at.”

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