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Steelers Six From Around The Web – Tuesday July 28th

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has a great story on rookie running back Frank Summers as he gets ready to head to his first NFL training camp. Summers reportedly struggled to pick up the playbook in minicamp because the terminology was much different from what he was used to in college. The work ethic is there though for Summers. Frank the Tank will be a popular guy at training camp with the fans.

Some odds makers are reporting that the Steelers may be a landing place for Michael Vick, but Vinnie Iyer of the Sporting News gives a more realistic look at teams interest in Vick around the league. The Patriots and Super Bowl-champion Steelers are given 4-1 odds of adding Vick by I just do not see Vick in the Black & Gold unless an injury happens to Ben.

Jim Wexell of The Tribune-Democrat, reports that third-round draft pick Mike Wallace should be the teams kick returner if all goes well and that offensive lineman Doug Legursky may get the most of the work at center while starter Justin Hartwig continues to mend his broken toe. Wexell also says running back Rashard Mendenhall looks more like a power feature back after adding some clean weight in the offseason.

Speaking of Mike Wallace, has posted part 3 of the fan Q & A with the rookie out of Mississippi. Wallace admits his blocking needs to improve, but definitely thinks he will impact as a kick returner right away.

Former Steeler third string quarterback, Brian St. Pierre, has been told by the Arizona Cardinals that he will get an honest shot at winning the number 2 spot from Matt Leinart.

With Steelers training camp starting this weekend, the team working hard to get in shape. And, as Channel 11 found out — the players are working very closely with one woman to improve their game. She\’s UPMC dietitian and Steelers nutritionist Leslie Bonci. Bonci reveals the Steelers have a different diet than most teams.

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