2009 Draft

Draft Day Trades Likely For The Steelers

The Steelers currently have 9 draft picks for this weekends 2009 NFL draft, but do not be surprised if they come out of the draft with only 6 or 7 players. The likelihood of the Steelers trading away a few picks to move up in the early or middle rounds of the draft is a high probability. The Steelers are strapped salary cap wise and do not need the burden of having to sign 9 players. There will likely be a slew of 8 to 10 undrafted players signed after the draft as well. There are always teams willing to trade down in the middle of the first round and other teams like Dallas that want back in round one. If the Steelers do in fact trade up in round one, it will likely cost them their first two picks to do so. On the flip side they could trade out of round one for a future year pick and then package a few later round picks to move back up on the second day of the draft. The Steelers overall do a great job at scouting talent, so 4 good selections out of 6 picks this weekend will serve the franchise well. If all 9 picks are held this weekend, it would be the biggest surprise of the off-season.

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