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Hines Ward Rule Passed By NFL Owners

NFL owners passed four news safety proposals Tuesday morning at at this year\’s owners meeting. One of the new rules is geared towards the blinside block the Steelers receiver Hines Ward put on Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers that resulted in a broken jaw for Rivers. Thus called the Hines Ward rule. A 15-yard penalty will now be enforced if a player delivers a blindside block to the head of a opposing player using his helmet, forearm or shoulder. The penalty will be enforced if a helmet, shoulder or forearm strikes the head or neck of the defender. Although I know the owners are trying to protect the players safety, this rule takes away hard nosed play in my opinion. If players can not keep their head on a swivel as they are taught, they need to go work at Mcdonalds. the rooney family was reported as not being in favor of this rule change.

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