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Steelers HC Mike Tomlin 12/23 Tuesday Press Conference, S Ryan Clark Out

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin held is weekly press conference on Tuesday in preparation for the week 17 game versus the Cleveland Browns. Tomlin started with a summary of Sunday\’s loss versus the Tennessee Titans, by saying that the team did not do enough good things to win. Tomlin stated the team did do a good job of rebounding from the first half miscues and even took the lead in the second half. The minus 4 in the turnover column was the key.

Tomlin stated that this is a big week with a division opponent coming in and the goal is to dominate the division and sweep the division. Tomlin said, “We\’re playing!”, when asked if players would be rested this week.

Tomlin next gave an injury update saying that safety Ryan Clark will be out this week with a shoulder subluxation and Tyrone Carter will get the start in his place. Tomlin said linebacker James Harrison will be limited early in the week with a hip injury and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger were also be limited with an ankle injury. Defensive end Brett Keisel came out of the Titans game OK health wise and tackle Marvel Smith remains status quo with his back injury.

After a lengthy delay for an interlude with Santa Claus, Tomlin reiterated they are playing to win against Cleveland. Tomlin is concerned about the running game and said they need to get hot. Tomlin dismissed questions about dissastisfaction with offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. Tomlin said he had no reaction to the stomping of the Terrible Towel at the conclusion of the Titans game and said he might address it should the two teams meet again in the AFC Championship game. Tomlin said the team will work on Thursday afternoon.

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