Bill DiFabio Disgraced Steeler Nation

Bill DiFabio, a sports announcer from Washington, Pa., did what very few are able to do on Tuesday, disgrace Steeler Nation. DiFabio interrupted the Mike Tomlin Tuesday press conference dressed as Santa Claus and stumbled through a very unrehearsed skit for more than seven minutes. The episode garnered national media attention and made the Steelers the laughing stock of the league on what is normally a slow news day around the NFL. All of this coming just two days after a very deflating loss to the Tennessee Titans in which the Terrible Towel was disgraced as well by several Titans players. DiFabio\’s skit was much more insulting, as it could of been controlled. DiFabio has made a habit of dropping in on former head coach, Bill Cowher, as well with the same lame result.

If the comments about nose tackle Casey Hampton and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones were not enough, DiFabio went on to bring up and mock the Terrible Towel incident, which Tomlin eloquently had pushed aside. It is no wonder why Tomlin seemed perturbed as this is not Steeler behavior. The Steelers are a classy organization that goes to great measures not to draw negative attention to themselves. What DiFabio did on Tuesday did just that. The Steelers have since released a statement that this will not happen again, but the damage is already done. DiFabio should make a public apology to Tomlin, the local Pittsburgh media and Steeler Nation, and vow to never do this again.

Merry Christmas, Bill, if you truly want to be Santa Claus, head down to the mall or a needy children orphanage where it is better suited.

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