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Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Chargers Post Game Press Conference

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin addressed the media in his post game press conference against the Chargers saying that it was a great team effort by the Steelers today. Tomlin praised the defense and in particularly linebacker James Harrison\’s play. Tomlin did mention that the team shot themselves in the foot several times all day. Tomlin went on to praise the play of reserve running back Gary Russell and more importantly his short yardage carries. Tomlin all but said that the Steelers may found their short yardage back that they need. Tomlin praised special teams play today as well.

Tomlin refused to answer questions about the officiating and the 13 penalties and clearly mad about the calls today.

Tomlin said the offense was forced again to dink and dunk in the passing game because the Chargers were mostly playing a Tampa 2 defense.

Tomlin said before the game he challenged the “A” players to play “A” ball.

As far as injuries, Tomlin said the Steelers came out of the game healthy.

Full audio of the press conference coming up soon.

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