Fast Willie Parker Needs To Rest & Get Fast Again

Starting running back Willie Parker just does not seem himself this season and with out a doubt the knee injury has played a huge role in it. Combined with the broken leg at the end of last season, it just seems Parker is not the same back. Before the injury late last year, Parker had just started to run better between the tackles, now it seems he is struggling to get any positive yardage both inside and outside. Steeler football is based primarily on a good running game, especially late in the season. Right now the Steelers do not seem to have any type of identity in the running game. Backup running back Mewelde Moore has shown a few glimpses of success, but he is clearly not an every down back. Parker needs some games off to get completely healthy and running back Gary Russell needs more shots at first and second down carries in the mean time. Russell runs well between the tackles and can punish opponents linebackers in the process. Parker needs to put the prima donna attitude aside and put the team first. It does not matter who scores the touchdowns as long as the Steelers are indeed scoring them. Parker needs to rest and get healthy so the Fast Willie Parker will be available for the stretch drive. Defense can win championships if coupled with a good running game. Right now the Steelers only have one of the two.

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