Pickett Looking Forward To Showdown With Bills’ Allen

For young quarterbacks around the league, what better players to look up to and pattern your game after, both on and off the field, than players like Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen? For Pittsburgh rookie Kenny Pickett, who’s making his first career start, he will get to witness firsthand the unique skillsets possessed by Bills’ MVP candidate Allen when the Steelers travel to Orchard Park this weekend to face perhaps the most well-rounded team in the league.

Although Pickett isn’t nearly the size of the 6-foot-5, 237-pound Allen, he has more than enough size to hold his own at 6-foot-3 and 220, and he’s actually a big fan of Allen’s, especially when it comes to his ability to create with his legs when plays break down.

“Seeing how he  grew throughout his career, how he started to where he is now, how quickly he ascended to where he is, they’re definitely things I want to take away,” Pickett said today via an official team transcript.

Pickett showed off his wheels last Sunday after replacing an ineffective Mitch Trubisky at halftime, as he entered the game and made history, becoming the first rookie quarterback in history to rush for multiple touchdowns in his first career game. He also had three blemishes on the stat sheet, throwing three picks, none of which were totally his fault, as two of three hit receivers directly in the hands, and the final one via a Hail Mary heave in the team’s shocking home loss to the Jets.

One thing Pickett was certainly not shy about is the amount of hits that Allen takes, as he seemingly looks for contact, as evidenced by the numerous stiff-arms he’s put on several defenders throughout the first four weeks of the season.

“I don’t want to take as many hits as him; I could definitely say that after playing on Sunday. We try and keep away from as many hits as possible, but he’s an unbelievable competitor.”

Pickett may get to witness firsthand the amount of hits a starting QB faces as he goes toe-to-toe with one of the top defenses in the league. Whether he’s able to lead his team to victory remains to be seen, as they’re a massive 14-point underdog. However, Pickett will no doubt be eager to prove to the naysayers that he was indeed worth the first-round pick Pittsburgh spent on him, while also getting a front row view of the talents of Allen, someone he obviously has a great deal of respect for.

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