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Chris Wormley: ‘It’s Nice To Have Someone Get In Your Butt A Little Bit’ After A Bad Loss

Wormley and Heyward

You can’t lose by 31 points and feel good about it. Even if it’s Week 18 and you’re resting every single starter on your roster and you’re playing a team in a win-and-in situation who has never been to the postseason in their existence, you’re still not going to feel okay about losing any game by that much. Competitors are simply not wired that way.

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost by that much in a very meaningful game at a crucial time in their season, and it could be the tipping point that sees them descend into irrelevance, vastly dimming any already fading playoff hopes. This is the job for a head coach like Mike Tomlin to step in and relight the flame and refocus the troops.

We got our butts whooped. Everyone knew that. Anytime you lose by that much in that fashion, it’s nice to have someone get in your butt a little bit”, Chris Wormley told reporters yesterday. “I think a guy like me, I appreciate a coach who takes things seriously, and that’s what he did. I think today we had a good practice, and we’re just trying to carry that message for the rest of the week, and for the rest of the season”.

That message was sent in pads, at least for Wednesday’s practice. We have no way of knowing when the team is practicing in pads unless somebody is talking about it, but while I’m sure it’s happened in weeks prior, this is the first time that the team has talked about practicing in pads since the regular season has begun.

Of course, it goes beyond smacking pads on the practice field. A head coach has to focus and guide a team, making sure that their priorities are straight and that everybody is on the same page. At times, they may have to instill a level of serious or urgency. But we are talking about professionals here.

“I think his tone is the same”, Wormley said. “I think as a player and as a man, you kind of understand the situation, and understand what he’s trying to accomplish for this week, and that’s to beat the Ravens, and if that means he’s got to fire us up a little bit, especially after Sunday’s loss, that’s what you’ve got to do”.

Frankly, if the Steelers don’t get the job done this weekend, then in effect they can start packing. Falling to 5-6-1, it’s very hard to see them coming back and even making the postseason, given their remaining schedule after that, which includes three more games against high-seeded playoff teams.

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