Reports Suggest Stefanski Has Told Browns Players Beckham Is Effectively Not With The Team Right Now

The Cleveland Browns did not trade wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Right now, nobody seems to be very happy about it. In fact, according to multiple reports, Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski even went so far as to inform the other players on the roster that Beckham essentially not a part of the team for the time being.

When he was asked about that report following practice yesterday, he did not deny it. He did acknowledge that Beckham was excused from the day’s practice, in spite of reports that the wide receiver was fully prepared to attend. “I would just tell you, again, today he is excused, and we will see where this goes”.

It’s unclear really how deep it goes, but the big event of the trade deadline day was actually sparked not by Beckham but his father, who posted an 11-minute video purporting to show how extensively his son had been misused, including the numerous times he was open without being targeted (he was targeted just once on Sunday despite playing most of the game).

“They are discussing a lot of things”, he said when asked about the conversations between general manager Andrew Berry and Beckham’s representatives. “The truth is I do not have a ton of details for you. I am happy to answer as much as I can, but I think some things we will know more as we go”.

He also said that he has not spoken to Beckham within the past 24 hours, and he declined to say whether or not he attempted to speak to him, as well…which could either mean that he didn’t try, or that he did try and Beckham would not respond to him.

Quarterback Baker Mayfield, of course, was the focal point of Beckham Sr.’s diatribe, which included an accusation that Mayfield was deliberately not targeting him, and essentially that he wanted to see Beckham fail. The quarterback actually handled the situation very well.

“If he’s back, then we’ll work through it and do whatever it takes”, he said. “I can put my ego and pride to the side to win. Because that’s all I care about is winning. If not, then we’ll roll with the guys we have out there. And those guys will know that I completely trust them, and they’ll know that I’m always here for them, and that’s the leader and the type of quarterback I am”.

Significantly, when he was asked if he was told, based on the report of Stefanski informing his players that Beckham is essentially not part of the team for now, that they were moving forward without him, he told reporters, “I mean, I was pretty much told exactly what you guys heard earlier”.

It’s hard to imagine there being a peaceful and amicable resolution between the former All-Pro and the Browns right now, but I’m sure stranger things have happened. The prevailing opinion certainly seems to be that he will likely be released at some point.

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