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Ryan Clark Wants LSU To Offer Mike Tomlin A Deal That Would ‘Make Him Disrespectful To Lord Jesus Christ To Turn Down’

Rumors have a way of taking on a life of their own, even when fabricated out of a misunderstanding, or even out of nothing. This past week, there were some rumors about the LSU Tigers possibly pursuing Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin for the job, or Tomlin being interested in the job, following the school’s departure with head coach Ed Orgeron.

Former Steelers safety and LSU graduate—and Louisiana native—Ryan Clark was somehow connected to the discussion, and he weighed in again on Thursday, stating that his alma mater should offer Tomlin virtually anything he wants in order to bring him in, on the After Further Review program with Matt Moscana. Let’s just say he had some strong thoughts.

Not saying that he wants it. Not saying that LSU wants to give it to him. To be clear, I am gonna say out loud, I ain’t talk to nobody at LSU about it, I ain’t talk to nobody at the Pittsburgh Steelers about it. But, if Mike Tomlin wants this job, I would make an offer to him that would truly make him disrespectful to Lord Jesus Christ to turn down.

For him to turn it down, it would basically be like spitting in the face of a preacher, priest, rabbi, monk, and a nun, at the same time. That’s how much of a blessing this offer would be to the entire Tomlin family. I would offer him so much money that the kids of his kids’ kids’ kids’ kids will have their 529 already paid for college.

I don’t know if it can happen, people. What I’m telling you is, if we can get him, we need to do it. If he tells me the only way he comes in is if I stop doing TV and coach, guess what? Mike Tomlin’s the next head coach of Louisiana State University.

I think it’s fair to say that Clark is a believer in Tomlin as a head coach. He played under Tomlin for seven years from 2007, when Tomlin was first hired, through the 2013 seasons, during which time he won a Super Bowl and earned a Pro Bowl as well.

Asked by his co-host if he would really quit tv if Tomlin made it a condition of going to LSU, he said, “for that? Hell yeah! That’s how much I love the Tigers, man!”.

Tomlin is, of course, not going anywhere. Chances are he will hold the head coaching position for the Steelers until the day that he walks away from coaching for good. He is already under contract for the next few years as it is, and is among the highest-paid head coaches in the league. He’s got it good here. And he has no ties to LSU, anyway, beyond his players.

Ryan is far from the only LSU alumnus make a name for himself in Pittsburgh. One of them, Alan Faneca, just recently was enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ike Taylor, Jerald Hawkins, Mike Wallace, and Keenan Lewis are some other Louisiana natives who had been drafted by the Steelers, most under Tomlin.

Current guard Trai Turner is both a New Orleans native and an LSU alum—and the only one currently on the team. But I’m sure all of them would be on board with Clark’s plan to offer Tomlin such a blessed deal that it would be blasphemous to turn it down.

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