Updated Contract Details For New Steelers OLB Melvin Ingram Show Voidable Years

The Pittsburgh Steelers recently signed outside linebacker Melvin Ingram to a $4 million deal and it was originally reported as a one-year deal. It essentially is a one-year deal, but what is now known is that the contract Ingram signed includes four voidable years, which I have confirmed with former NFL agent Joel Corry of CBS Sports.

Ingram’s $4 million deal that he signed includes a base salary of $1.075 million. The former member of the Los Angeles Chargers also received a $2.925 million signing bonus as part of that deal.

Ingram’s 2021 cap charge for 2021 will be $1.66 million and that math works out as the NFLPA shows the Steelers with a decrease of $810,000 in 2021 salary cap space as of Saturday morning after top 51 roster displacement.

With Ingram’s deal including four voidable years, the Steelers are now poised to have a dead money charge of $2.34 million in 2022 if and when the additional years void, which is likely to be five days after this seasons Super Bowl is played.

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