Bush Unsure If Rehabbing Partner Dupree Will Be Back With Steelers In 2021

Devin Bush, Bud Dupree

Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker Bud Dupree is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in just less than three weeks from today and thus far this offseason, there’s been no signs that the team will be able to re-sign their former first-round draft pick out of Kentucky.

On Thursday, Steelers inside linebacker Devin Bush, who like Dupree, is currently rehabbing from knee surgery this offseason, was asked during a Steelers Nation Unite question-and-answer session with members if he thinks the organization will be able to re-sign his defensive teammate this offseason.

“I’m not sure,” Bush said. “I’m rehabbing with Bud every day and who knows at this point? It depends on if the numbers are right and everything adds up for us to be able to even keep Bud. But that’s between Bud and the organization.”

That’s the correct answer from Bush and probably because even he really doesn’t know what is going to happen with Dupree this offseason. Heck, with three weeks to go before Dupree even becomes a free agent, I’m pretty sure he’s even very uncertain about what the 23021 season holds for him.

Quite honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dupree sign with either the Indianapolis Colts or the Tennessee Titans ay some point this offseason. As far as when and for how much, however, we might be waiting a while to get answers to those questions and especially with Dupree just roughly two and a half months removed from his own knee surgery. Bush is two months ahead of him right now.

Many speculate that Dupree will need to settle for a one-year contract this offseason for around $10 million with him coming off a serious knee injury. If that comes to fruition, there is no way the Steelers will be able to afford him on a one-year contract with a cap charge that high.

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