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Report: Steelers To Roll Over $4.9 Million Of 2020 Unused Salary Cap Space To 2021

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While we are still several weeks away from knowing what the NFL’s 2021 salary cap number will be, on Wednesday we learned how much cap space left over from the 2020 season that teams plan to roll forward for the new league year.

Per a Wednesday team-by-team report by Field Yates of ESPN, the Pittsburgh Steelers are rolling over $4,950,554 in unused salary cap space from 2020 to 2021. This number also matches what the latest NFLPA update has on their site concerning available salary cap space for the Steelers to close out the 2020 season.

Every penny will help the Steelers this offseason and especially if the 2021 league-wide salary cap number comes in less than 2020’s amount of $198.2 million. Currently, the Steelers have 50 players under contract for the start of the new league year in March.

Based on a recent mocked 2021 Rule of 51 number for the Steelers, which accounts for all dead money and the full 2020 rollover amount, the Steelers amount sits at around $209,208,665. That amount would put them $34,208,665 over a league-wide cap number of $175 million but just $11,008,665 over a cap amount $198.2 million, should that wind up being the agreed to number for the NFL in 2021.

On Wednesday, one report indicated that the league’s 2021 salary cap number could come in at around $180 million. Perhaps we’ll learn more about what the NFL’s 2021 salary number might be when commissioner Roger Goodell holds his annual state-of-the-league press conference ahead of the Super Bowl in early February.

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