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Welcome back to the Thursday Pittsburgh Steelers’ mailbag. Apologize for this being late – crazy day, time got away from me, and even without me actually travelling, training camp always seems to blur days together. As always, we’re here for the next hour to answer anything and everything on your mind. Hope you all are staying safe.

To your questions!

Douglas Prostorog: so thoughts on the signing of Elliot today? and of correspondng cut

Alex: Biggest takeaway are the increased odds Marcus Allen has of making the roster. Versatility as a SS/dime type, now inside linebacker and special teamer probably means he’s going to find a home on the 53. Beat out a more rookie limited like Antoine Brooks, whose just trying to get the playbook down. Elliott has a chance to beat out a guy like Skipper but I still don’t like his chances.

steeltown: Kozora thoughts on the Team currently carrying 4 ILBs… do you think they’ll sign a vet FA or is this a nod to them playing more subpackage with Sutton and maybe feeling more comfortable with M.Allen

Alex: Unusually light to say the least, though remember they are only working with only an 80 man roster instead of 90. But we knew they were only going to carry four ILBs on the Week 1 roster. Leo Lewis getting released doesn’t change that landscape. As I told Douglas, yeah, I think it’s a nod to Allen. But you still have a backup Mack (UG3) and Buck (Spillane) so there’s still depth. Just feels weird for this time of year to be so light at one spot.

Douglas Prostrog: different question: Since they cut A Johnson, what are the odds of the team carrying 3 WRs on the PS? I’m thinking Ray-Ray and Darboh are pretty much locks there and it doesn’t seem like there’re any more candidates

Alex: Higher obviously now that there’s 16 practice squad spots but yeah, two feels more likely. Assuming they carry six on the 53. That gives them eight total which seems like enough. Could always sign a player cut elsewhere too. Remember, that’s where guys like Villanueva, Feiler, and Grimble all came from.

Douglas Prostrog: And since the room seems empty for some reason, one more for you: Should we be concerned that D. Johnson seems to have a fair degree of injuries? Rookie camp last year, OTAs last year, last season, again in camp this season.

Alex: Glad he’s back out there today but yeah, it’s an annoyance. In a year where he needs as many reps as possible, missing a week isn’t great. Hope isn’t not a sign of things to come but so far, it has.

Andy N: Hi Alex, any idea what happened with CSW? What chance he makes it back onto the practice squad?

Alex: He was released before camp began. Appears he had some sort of surgery.

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