Watt Brothers’ ‘Ultimate Tag’ TV Show Set To Debut May 20

Are you having sports withdrawal? If you can hold out for another month and a half, you may get a brief respite, as a new show is set to debut in the middle of May that has been in the works for a while. Dubbed ‘Ultimate Tag’, the show’s inaugural season was filmed last offseason and is hosted by the Watt brothers: J.J. Watt, Derek Watt, and T.J. Watt.

It was announced on Wednesday that the show will debut on May 20 at 9 PM. It was initially scheduled to run throughout the Summer, but has been bumped up due to obvious reasons, stemming from, frankly, a lack of programming as a result of the pandemic.

As I wrote about last year, Ultimate Tag will be something like a cross between a typical game of tag you’ll see on the playground, only in an American Gladiator-type setting. “Everyone knows that panicked feeling of being chased. Now imagine doing it with crazy obstacles, professionals running you down and all on national TV!”, J.J. said of the show last year.

Since the show was filmed, Derek and T.J. have become teammates, with the former signing a three-year contract this offseason with the Pittsburgh Steelers, who originally drafted T.J. in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He has since developed into a first-team All-Pro talent.

Because the show was filmed prior to last season, J.J. will likely be featured as wielding the most bragging rights, though T.J.’s 2018 season was nothing to joke about either, having made the Pro Bowl with double-digit sacks and six forced fumbles. J.J. still outplayed him, however.

The Watt brothers played host to the show, and at least as far as I know, didn’t participate. You can watch a trailer for the upcoming television show shared by the Watt brothers themselves, and, I suppose, decide whether or not you will be interested in tuning in.

Given the likely lack of alternatives for any kind of competitive sports, it seems like a good time for the show to air. I’m sure that was the reasoning behind the executives making the decision to run it earlier than was planned, as ordinarily the NBA and NHL seasons would be wrapping up and the MLB would be in full swing.

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