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Steelers Awarded Third-Round Compensatory Pick In 2020 NFL Draft

The NFL released the awarded compensatory selections for the 2020 NFL Draft on Tuesday and the Pittsburgh Steelers received one selection.

According to the league release, the Steelers have been awarded a third-round compensatory draft pick for this year and it will be the 38th pick in that round and the 102nd overall.

Below are the players the Steelers lost and gained last year during the qualified portion of the free agent signing period:

Lost: Le’Veon Bell (Jets), Jesse James (Lions)

Gained: Steven Nelson (Chiefs)

In total, 10 third-round compensatory draft picks were awarded this year by the NFL and the Steelers received the sixth one. 15 different teams received compensatory selections this year.

The Steelers extra pick in the third round will allow the team to select two players in the first 102 picks of the draft.

The current CBA limits the number of compensatory selections to the number of clubs then in the League (32). This year, one club, the New York Giants, qualified for a compensatory selection under the net loss formula but will not receive that pick because the final numerical value of the CFA who was lost ranked 33rd among the final numerical value of all compensatory selections. The New York Giants will receive compensatory selections for other CFAs lost whose final numerical values ranked within the top 32.

The Steelers have now been awarded 33 total compensatory draft picks from 1994-2020 – eighth-most during that span.

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