Lawyer Representing Antonio Brown In Sexual Assault Suit Withdraws

It almost seems as though some people don’t feel Antonio Brown’s apologies are good enough to excuse his behavior. Ordinarily, he has been accustomed to letting people go after refusing to pay for services rendered, but lately, people have been leaving him.

A big recent loss was the decision by superagent Drew Rosenhaus to cut the cord on him after helping to negotiate an insane trade and new deal for him last year. Now, the lawyer who is representing Brown in the civil suit accusing him of sexual assault, according to Dan Kaplan.

As Mike Florio notes for Pro Football Talk, a lawyer can file a motion to withdraw from a case for any number of reasons, though a common enough reason is that he isn’t getting paid, and, well, given Brown’s history we certainly can’t rule that out from being the reason.

But this isn’t a matter of having a trainer or a cook or somebody doing some sort of work on his house. This is a lawyer defending him in court, so it’s not as though he doesn’t need one. He’s going to have to pay somebody to do it, because it’s obvious he can’t do it himself.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver has been on a downhill roller coaster with very few peaks in between over the course of the past year. He spent much of the winter partially acting and partially actually being ridiculous in order to force the team’s hand to trade him.

Once he successfully landed with the Oakland Raiders, along with a new contract and guaranteed money, he proceeded to be a problem, throwing a number of tantrums because the league banned his helmet due to safety concerns, a fact of which he was already aware beforehand, but to which he apparently refused to adjust.

There was the frostbite on his feet, the hot air balloon into training camp, the no-shows, the shouting matches with Mike Mayock, who expressed his regret for trading for him recently, and so much more, ultimately culminating in the Raiders releasing him.

He would later sign with the New England Patriots while trying to play good soldier, all the while in talks with former trainer Britney Taylor, who was about to sue him for sexual assault. That would come out during his tenure there, and then a second would follow.

He proceeded to harass the second accuser, itself a crime, which finally prompted New England to release him, and he has not been signed by a team since. The one workout he did get he turned into a public spectacle, literally publishing a song about it and accusing the New Orleans Saints of putting on a show rather than giving him a serious opportunity.

Since then, he has gotten into multiple incidents with one or more of the mothers of his children, resulting in police being a frequent presence at his house, to the chagrin of his neighbors, before finally culminating in his recent arrest for assaulting the driver of a moving truck returning his property from California.

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