2019 NFL Week 9: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Harpy Friday to yinz and welcome to the first weekend of November 2019.

It’s been fantastic week so far and now we look forward to watching the Pittsburgh Steelers host the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday at Heinz Field. After a poor start to the season that included the team losing quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to an elbow injury, the Steelers have a chance Sunday to close out the first half of their 2019 regular season with a 4-4 record. If they beat the Colts and the Baltimore Ravens lose Sunday night to the New England Patriots, the Steelers will be right back in the thick of things in the AFC North division.

As usual, we have a lot of content on the way to help yinz get ready for the Steelers Sunday home game against the Colts so look for that to start rolling out on Saturday throughout the day.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer prior to the kickoff of the Sunday game between the Steelers and Colts.

Have a great rest of the weekend and thank you to all who visited the site in October as it was a record month for us.

Peace and love, peace and love and Go Steelers!

1 – Over/under 235.5 passing yards for quarterback Mason Rudolph on Sunday against the Cots?

2 – Who will have more passing yards on Sunday, Rudolph or Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett?

3 – Over/under 80.5 receiving yards for Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster against the Colts?

4 – Will Steelers wide receiver Ryan Switzer have an official carry that gains more than 3 yards against the Colts?

5 – For 5 bonus points, tell me the exact combined total points scored on Sunday in the game between the Steelers and the Colts?

Survey – Do yinz believe the Steelers called the New York Jets to inquire about trading for running back Le’Veon Bell?

Recap of 2019 NFL Week 8 Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: Roosevelt Nix was injured early in the first game of the season and was limited to 18 special team snaps. Ola Adeniyi was averaging 6.3 defensive snaps in the first six games. He played 11 snaps week 3 against the 49ers which was the most he played going into Monday night. The Pro Football Reference credited Rosie Nix with 20 offensive snaps against Miami. Ola Adeniyi played just 4 defensive snaps. Their combined 24 offensive and defensive snaps were well under 31.5. Steelers Depot respondents knocked this out of the park. 76.6% picked up a point by taking the under.

Question 2: The Steelers sacked quarterbacks 20 times in the first 6 games (3.3 per game). Conversely, the Dolphins gave up 24 sacks in 6 games (4 per game). However, defenses sacked Josh Rosen 16 times out of his 109 passes attempted. Ryan Fitzpatrick was only sacked 6 times out of his 105 pass attempts. The wily veteran knows how to get rid of the ball when under pressure. Extrapolating those figures, Fitzpatrick is getting sacked only twice a game going into Monday night. He has not been sacked since week 2 when the Patriots dropped him four times. The Steelers defense sacked Fitzpatrick 4 times. Respondents predicted anywhere from 2-8 sacks. Again, we did very well as a group. The median response had the Steelers sacking Fitzpatrick 4 times. A healthy 37.5% of respondents pegged the number and picked up a point.

Question 3: So far, Mason Rudolph had not passed for more than 229 yards in a game this season. Of course, he had only completed two games. Monday, he had 251 passing yards. Steelers Depot respondents demonstrated their acumen with 81.25% saying Mason Rudolph would be under 260.5 passing yards.

Question 4: Respondents predicted the Steelers offense registering 0-5 explosive plays of 20 yards or longer. Our median response was 3 explosive plays. The Steelers made five explosive plays with two going for touchdowns. Just 12.5% of respondents got this question correct.

Question 5: The Dolphins 14-point first quarter lead ended up being the largest lead by either team. T.J. Watt responded to Renegade by strip-sacking Fitzpatrick and recovering his own forced fumble at the Miami 22-yard line. Had the Steelers scored a touchdown instead of a field goal, the 4-point difference would have resulted in the Steelers winning by just over 16.5 points. It was a close vote, but 46.9% got the point by taking the under on this question.

Previous Weeks: There are 15- & 5-point bonus up for grabs from week 1 by correctly predicting the Steelers & Browns regular season records for those that answered. Pittsburgh won & Cleveland lost this past weekend. 93.9% are still in the running for the 15 point & 98.8% for the 5-point bonuses. 92.7% could end up with both.

Please, welcome Steelers32 who responded to this season’s contest for the first time. He got 3 of 5 questions correct. Not bad, keep answering and you may reach the leaderboard.

Ten folks just missed the weekly 5-point bonus by answering one question incorrectly. One missed the largest lead by taking the over. Two missed on Mason Rudolph’s passing yards. The biggest differentiator was the number of explosive plays. Seven respondents got all the questions correct except for the number of Steelers explosive plays. Steelyinzer who was the very last person to answer the questions with less than an hour to kickoff swept the board. Kudos!

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions Nix & Ola O/U 31.5 snaps # of times Fitz Sacked Mason O/U 260.5 Pass Yards # of Explosive Plays Lead O/U 16.5 Pts
Correct Answers UNDER 4 UNDER 5 UNDER


ManRayX remains in first place on the leaderboard. PittShawnC & Andy N maintained pace just 2 points behind the leader.

Three respondents are back on the leaderboard. Matt Manzo & Earl were on the leaderboard in the early going. Veteran respondent Jeff Papiernik is making his first appearance this season climbing 11 places in the standings. Let’s see if they can stay and even launch a bid to reach the top. No one dropped out this week.

Don’t forget to respond this weekend so that you all can maintain the pace. It just takes one good set of answers to make a significant move toward the prize money.

Leaderboard after week 8:

ManRayX 32 1st
PittShawnC 30 2nd (tie)
Andy N 30 2nd (tie)
Slim Stew 29 4th
Steven Small 28 5th (tie)
Jason W 28 5th (tie) +3
Ichabod 28 5th (tie) +3
SJT63 27 8th (tie)
Ted Webb 27 8th (tie)
Jeremy 27 8th (tie)
Andi B 27 8th (tie)
mokhkw 27 8th (tie)
Christopher 27 8th (tie) +8
B&G 26 14th (tie) -9
Reese Dare 26 14th (tie) -6
Jamie Barnhart 26 14th (tie) +2
PaeperCup 26 14th (tie) +7
hoptown 25 18th (tie) -10
Wes Lee 25 18th (tie) -2
Jeff McNeil 25 18th (tie) -2
IC in Cincy 25 18th (tie) +3
Marcel Chris Chauvet 25 18th (tie) +7
6 ring circus 24 23rd (tie) -7
FlaFan47 24 23rd (tie) -2
DirtDawg1964 24 23rd (tie) -2
Chris92021 24 23rd (tie) -2
MP 24 23rd (tie) +2
GreenBastard 23 28th (tie) -3
don2727 23 28th (tie) -3
*Matt Manzo 23 28th (tie) +2
*Earl 23 28th (tie) +2
*Jeff Papiernik 23 28th (tie) +11
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