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Cardinals Head Coach Calls Patrick Peterson Trade Talk ‘Ludicrous’

While other blogs will write about ludicrous trade scenarios regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers, we usually try to keep it more real and believable on this site when it comes to those possibilities. We have the highest traffic of all the Steelers blogs already so we dont need any clickbait or outlandish trade speculation posts to encourage more clicks and comments. Besides, if you follow the Steelers close enough and really have a solid understanding of how the organization works, you know that suggestions of them trading for a player, especially a high-profile one such as Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson, in October are ludicrous.

Speaking of ludicrous, that’s exactly how Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks described recent speculation and reports that his team is currently looking to trade Peterson bu this years deadline.

“I don’t respond to things that are ludicrous,” Wilks said when asked about a report concerning the Cardinals possibly looking to trade Peterson following the team’s Sunday loss.

As for Peterson, he said he didn’t learn about the trade speculation surrounding him until after the Cardinals Sundays game.

“I was getting ready for a football game,” Peterson said. “This is my first time hearing about it. That’s something that’s out of my control. I want to continue doing what I have to do to help this team win ballgames. That’s what I can control, and that’s what I want to do each and every week.”

Even though Wilks and Peterson both uttered their respective remarks on Sunday, it still didn’t stop some Steelers blogs from running with the flimsy Saturday trade report from the rarely believable Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.

Even if the Cardinals were willing tom trade Peterson one could easily speculate they would want at least a second-round draft pick as compensation. If you’ve followed the Steelers closely for any length of time, you should know they highly value top round draft picks. This is an organization that forever has built through the draft and not through expensive trades or high-priced March free agents.

Would Peterson look great in a Steelers uniform? Absolutely he would and so would a few other cornerbacks around the league. With that noted, it is indeed pretty ludicrous to suggest the Steelers would trade for Peterson by the end of October and even more ludicrous when it sounds like the cornerback isn’t even on the market. This isn’t Madden.

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