Steelers Depot Fantasy Football League Sign Up

Know plenty of you have asked about the Steelers Depot league. Here’s the place you can sign up.

Creating a 14 team, ESPN league a little bit later today. Don’t have the complete format picked out yet (it will be .5 PPR) or a draft date set yet. Sometime next week, likely during the evening. Going to be 9-10 spots available. From the Depot side of things, I know myself, Josh Carney, Tim Rice, and Melanie Friedlander are definitely going to be in the league.

Would love to have everyone join but that’s obviously not possible. If you would like to have the chance to join, please do one of two things.

1. List your email in the comments below.

2. Or, because I know and understand not everyone is comfortable sharing that info publicly, send me an email at [email protected] Please tell me what your Disqus username is too so I know who you are. If you don’t send that info, you won’t receive an invite.

Thanks and good luck to everyone this year!

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