One NFL Writer Believes Antonio Brown Should Be MVP

A wide receiver winning MVP would be a first. But at least one NFL writer, and a couple of scouts, think Antonio Brown should be the first. Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman had an interesting column posted Wednesday morning where he argued AB should be voted most valuable player.

He broke his argument down into four points. He looked at the overall numbers of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense and Brown’s role in that. Though Freeman is incorrect to say the offense has been “practically unstoppable,” Brown has been the best and most consistent of the “Big Three” for the entire season. Ben Roethlisberger and Le’Veon Bell have had their down moments and games. For Brown, almost everything has been positive.

There’s Brown’s calling card, his route running, which Freeman pointed to second.

“Throughout the game, Brown stood out for how sharply he changed directions. That’s the advantage of having a smaller frame than, say, Jones. Brown is 5’10” and weighs 181 pounds. That relative compactness allows him to cut more sharply and make quicker moves than longer receivers.”

For the record, Brown is certainly not 181 pounds, add about ten and you’ll get close to his actual weight, but point taken. Even for those who don’t believe Brown is the league’s best receiver, it’s nearly impossible to argue he isn’t the best route runner. He is. And it isn’t particularly close.

Freeman also talked about Brown’s overall impact and ability to make big plays and finally, the numbers. He leads the league in receptions, yards, and is second in touchdowns. He’s on pace to finish the year (though this means he would have to play Week 17, which is looking unlikely) for over 115 receptions, 1700 yards, and 11 touchdowns.

Freeman admits, and it’s going to be heard to deny, that Brown is unlikely to win MVP. It’s going to be Carson Wentz or Tom Brady because they’ve had great seasons and QBs almost always win this thing. Blame it on the nature of the position; quarterbacks are inherently more valuable.

But he makes a solid argument for why Brown is at least deserving. And I think a chunk of Steelers’ Nation would agree.

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