Martavis Bryant: ‘JuJu Is No Where Near Better Than Me’

Martavis Bryant and the Pittsburgh Steelers just can’t get through a victory without some drama. After last week’s win over the Kansas City Chiefs, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Bryant requested a trade. Those reports were downplayed and generally swept under the rug. But this time, it might be tougher.

On the fantasyfootballcounselor Instagram page, depicting the following play of a Ben Roethlisberger incompletion to Antonio Brown, Bryant got into a back-and-forth with fans.

One commenter said “JuJu is better,” prompting the following response from Bryant. The comments have now been deleted but captured by several people, including Matt.

In it, Bryant’s official account writes.

“juju is nowhere near better than me fool all they need to do is give me what i want and y’all can have Juju or who ever else.”

Bryant attempted to walk back those comments a little while later with this response I have screenshotted. But he reiterates that he “wants his.”

Here, Bryant says JuJu Smith-Schuster is “the future” but writes “I just want mines period point blank.”

We will continue to update this story.

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