4-1 Start Ends Well For Steelers In Tomlin Era

The last time we broached a subject like this, the Pittsburgh Steelers went out and laid an egg to the Chicago Bears. So the track record isn’t the best. But if the Pittsburgh Steelers can stay on track and knock off the Jacksonville Jaguars, they’ll move to 4-1. And that’s a very good sign for the season success.

Under Mike Tomlin, the Steelers have begun a year 4-1 on four different occasions. The years and the final results.

2007 – Wild Card Loss (10-6 regular season)
2008 – Super Bowl Win (12-4)
2010 – Super Bowl Loss (12-4)
2016 – AFC Championship Loss (11-5)

On that math alone, it’s a 50% chance to advance to the Super Bowl. And in only one of those years did they not advance to the AFC Title game.

Sure, that’s all history and the past doesn’t dictate the future. But it sure can’t hurt either.

More relevantly, it’s a great chance for the Steelers to keep creating separation in the AFC North. The Ravens travel to take on the Oakland Raiders, poised for a bounce back week even if they are without Derek Carr. A win by Pittsburgh and loss by Baltimore puts the Steelers at 4-1, Ravens at 2-3. And the Cleveland Browns or Cincinnati Bengals…well, you already know the deal.

It’ll make Pittsburgh runaway favorites for the division.

It’s a down year for the North. And time for the Steelers to capitalize.

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