The Perspective Of An Average Steelers Fan: Stuck In A Tunis Hotel Room

Another wonderful Monday in Steelers Nation; the great debate being the distinction between a win and a “quality” win. How many of you have been stuck in a hotel room on a Pittsburgh Steelers gameday?

Yes, there are Steelers bars across the nation and even scattered around the world. For this game against the Minnesota Vikings; I was in Tunis, Tunisia to deliver a class. The work week here is Sunday to Thursday – so already the pressure is on. The time difference worked to my advantage with the 1PM kickoff. For me, the local time would be 6 PM when the toe was put to the ball. Just enough time to close out the class for the day and scramble back to my hotel room.

American football can be seen from the halls of Montezuma; all across the world; but not quite to the shores of Tripoli. After all Tunis was one of the homes of the Barbary Pirates. Football would be on many televisions here just not the Yankee Doodle brand of football. An easy choice; do I watch a local soccer match at the hotel bar or retreat to my room to find the Steelers game over the net. A strategic withdrawal.

Now be honest; how many of you who have watched a Steelers game all alone in your hotel room get decked out in your Black & Gold attire & Terrible Towel?

Just another average Steelers fan:

Once tucked back in my room, a new challenge. This was one of the few places in the world that NFL Game Pass was not available. Nor were the multiple online sites to catch a glimpse of the Black & Gold. Isolation in a city of 3 million. No worries, the Steelers Nation Radio was blaring on air with Tunch & Wolf and I could share the next few hours on the Steelers Depot Live Update & Discussion Thread.

Here are a couple of the top comments from the game: during the first half, Ryan72384 opined what many were thinking but not typing, “Come on offense. Show us a drive where you guys don’t look completely anemic and out of sync.” Two touchdowns by the offense but penalties and other miscues frustrated our hunger for a blowout.

The defense seemed to give us more satisfaction, Jnick observed, “Even without Tuitt, the Dline is feasting on this Vikings Oline.”  Dupuis liked what he saw in Mike Hilton on the fake punt; “Hilton looked like he was shot out of a cannon.” Dupuis also got a top reaction in the second half with, “What a Fluster Cluck of plays.” Clearly folks on the thread shared his sentiment. The team was winning; but the offense was not performing as well as expected. I deeply appreciate all the Steelers Depot readers who were taking the time to comment on the thread – although alone in my room and not able to watch directly, I was able to share the ups and downs of the game with fellow fans of the Black & Gold. Thank you.

Burghers being Burghers; we cannot just relax and enjoy the fruits of another Black & Gold victory. The game was never in much doubt. No, we are already analyzing Sunday’s game with an eye on Chicago next week. How will the Steelers ever manage to defeat the Bears? After all, as Dave Bryan pointed out in his article.  Steelers Open As 7.55-Point Road Favorites Over Bears in Week 3 : “…the Steelers past trips to Chicago have mostly resulted in losses. In fact, the Pittsburgh franchise is 1-11 against the Bears in Chicago dating back to 1936.”  Yoi!

A couple last points before I sign off at 3:19AM. The videos of the tribute to Dan Rooney were very moving. It makes me feel proud to be a fan of this team; even if only an average fan. Ambassador Rooney embodies so many things that are good in this world.

The Rooney family has demonstrated a willingness to give service for the greater good. I’ll close this on out with the Marine’s Hymn and a shout out to all who have served their country.

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