Steelers’ Seven Shots – Sunday, July 9, 2017

Every Sunday during the offseason I plan on recapping for you seven items related to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the rest of the NFL that may have fallen through the cracks the past week that should be worth your time to read. This weekly feature will be entitled “Steelers’ Seven Shots.”

Shot #1 – The Steelers became the Steelers 84 years ago yesterday and this picture below is always great to see annually on Twitter.

Shot #2 – Training camp will get underway in less than three weeks and the Steelers United Twitter account posted this throwback Thursday picture of Saint Vincent College in Latrobe earlier in the week.

Shot #3 – Remember way back in 1977 when the Steelers were forced to use safety Tony Dungy at quarterback in their game against the Houston Oilers? If not, no problem as Kevin Seifert of wrote about that fall afternoon in October 1977 that included Terry Bradshaw breaking his wrist and Mike Kruczek separating his shoulder all prior to the fourth quarter starting. Here is the boxscore of that game as well.

Shot #4 – The fourth shot on this Sunday is an addendum to the third one. The Steelers didn’t have three quarterbacks for that game against the Oilers because they had cut Neil Graff during training camp. As you can imagine, they had to re-sign him after that game against the Oilers was over. So, whatever became of Graff? Well, a few stories were written about him just a few years ago and I think you might enjoy them.
Whatever Happened To: Former NFL quarterback Neil Graff
An Original Seahawk by Way of New England – Super Bowl 2015: Neil Graff’s Start Did Not Go Unnoticed

Shot #5 – Steelers Hall of Fame linebacker Jack Lambert turned 65 on Saturday and NFL Films posted a nearly three-minute-long video of his playing days on Twitter.

Shot #6 – Will Steelers defense pick up where they left off in 2016? Brian Baldinger and Shaun O’Hara discussed that very question on NFL Total Access a few days ago.

Shot #7 – Here’s a story that was in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 29 years ago today and it’s somewhat related to the Steelers and the city of Pittsburgh. Here is the link to the entire story on the New Orleans Saints signing Craig “Ironhead” Heyward to a three-year contract.

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