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Iowa DB Desmond King Believes His Versatility Best Fits Steelers

Well over a year ago, Iowa defensive back Desmond King was regarded by many draft analysts as potentially being a first-round draft pick following the 2015 season. King, however, ultimately chose not to declare for the 2016 NFL Draft as he decided it was in his best interest to return to Iowa for his senior season to further sharpen his skills.

Following his 2016 season, King, who registered 3 interceptions and 7 pass breakups at Iowa, is now regarded as a possible day-two selection in the 2017 NFL Draft and some of those same analysts now believe he’s best-suited to move to safety. During a recent interview with Dave Revsine of the Big Ten Network, King was asked what position he views as being his best fit at the NFL level.

“To be honest, I feel like I can play any position in the secondary,” King said. “Here at the University of Iowa, that’s what we are taught is to learn every position in the secondary. Learn corner, learn nickel and learn safety as well just because when you get to this stage in the process of going into the NFL. I would say the more versatile you are, the more you can contribute to the team and that’s something that I’m really good at. I know how to play corner, I have some experience playing at the safety position and I played nickel as well here for the last two or three years.”

King was asked if he has anything to say to the people who don’t believe he can play man-coverage in the NFL.

“I would just say that when the times comes, that’s when they will see it, but I feel that I can play any coverage scheme out there, whether if it’s zone, whether if it’s man, it’s just all about being technical in your techniques and just critiquing yourself,” King replied.

King was then asked if there’s one team in the NFL that he feels he best fits with ahead of this year’s draft taking place and he named the Pittsburgh Steelers, who he met with several weeks ago at the scouting combine.

“I would say the Pittsburgh Steelers,” King said. “The only reason why I would say that is because they are a heavily-based zone team and their defensive scheme is kind of similar to ours here at Iowa. It’s a tough defense, it’s a defensive team and they have guys that are going to go out 110 percent each and every game and play all out.”

King, who also returned punts and kickoffs at Iowa, said during his recent interview that he believes he can also help an NFL team in that phase of their game as well.

“By far I would think punt return is a best-fit for me,” King said.

King, who measured in at this year’s combine at 5100, 201-pounds with 31 1/8-inch arms, reportedly ran the 40-yard-dash in 4.52 seconds at his pro day after being unable to run in Indianapolis due to an abdominal strain. It will now be interesting to see if King winds up being one of the 30 players the Steelers choose to bring to Pittsburgh for a pre-draft visit.

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