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Steelers Receive $847,692 Salary Cap Adjustment At Start Of League Year

Steelers Salary Cap

The Pittsburgh Steelers entered the 2017 NFL league year with quite a bit of expendable salary cap space and even a little more than first anticipated, thanks in part to a small adjustment credit.

On the morning of March 9, the NFLPA showed the Steelers has having 21,144,026 in available salary cap space with 76 players under contract. On March 10, however, that number jumped to $21,991,718 with 76 players under contract, an increase of $847,692. It’s not hard to speculate that the recent salary cap adjustment might be related to previous suspensions or unearned incentives.

Since the 2017 league got underway, the Steelers have re-signed two of their own unrestricted free agents, quarterback Landry Jones and tight end David Johnson, and waived running back Karlos Williams. As of Saturday they have 77 players under contract and $19,854,218 in available salary cap space, according to the NFLPA.

As I pointed out in my last full salary cap update this past Wednesday, the Steelers still have quite a few charges ahead of them that include costs related to signing their draft class, practice squad, workout bonuses, a 52nd and 53rd player and a one million repayment for previously borrowed cap money.

I will provide you another full update in the coming weeks.

Date 3/9 3/10 3/11
Players 76 76 77
Previous Year Carryover $3,269,367 $3,269,367 $3,269,367
Team Cap $149,125,341 $149,125,341 $151,262,841
Cap Room $21,144,026 $21,991,718 $19,854,218
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