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Hines Ward On Antonio Brown: ‘It’s Not All About Stats, It’s All About These Rings’

There’s been a lot written and said about Pittsburgh Steelers wide Antonio Brown over the course of the last few weeks and that includes him being accused of caring more about his stats than winning. During an interview this week from Houston on SiriusXM NFL Radio, former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was asked if he had any sort of advice for Brown when it comes to him possibly wanting to be “the guy” so much.

“I understand, you do that when you’re young, but when you’re already the guy, being the guy to take it to that next level, you make others around you great,” Ward said. “So, you become selfless. It’s not about my stats. My job, when I won, was to try and get Antwaan Randle-El better. So, if I got double-teamed, he’s going to be there to make a play.

“My job was to help Heath Miller out over the middle. So, that’s the sign of a great leader. That’s how we had Jerome [Bettis] pass the torch to me, pass the torch to Joey Porter and all those other guys. That’s what you do. Great leaders make others around them better.”

Ward continued talking about Brown and how he really has nothing left to prove when it comes to him being a great wide receiver in the NFL.

“Antonio doesn’t have to prove to anybody that he’s the man,” Ward said. “I don’t care if you catch 150 ball, 50 balls, he’s still the man because you see it on tape. But for him, he just has to learn that it’s not all about stats, it’s all about these rings. And when you get one of these rings, your legacy is set. When I walk into this radio row right here and the guys see these rings, they’re like, ‘man, he was that dude.'”

That’s some great advice from Ward. Brown has certainly accomplished a lot so far during his career and he’s arguably one of the best wide receivers currently in the league. However, despite all his stats, awards and broken records, he’s yet to be crowned a Super Bowl champion. There’s still plenty of time for him to help change that and judging by everything he’s said over the course of the last several weeks, it sounds like he’s willing to do so.

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