Watch: Breaking Down Steelers’ Run Defense Issues

The Pittsburgh Steelers gave up a lot of rushing yards against the Cleveland Browns. A. Lot. And it’s not getting talked about enough. 231 yards, the second most the franchise has ever given up in a win. So what happened? There’s the simple and obvious; missed tackles and guys not getting off blocks.

But we’re looking at another level and some of the schematic problems, which we’ve seen in the past, that remove linebackers from their run fits and help create run lanes. That’s what we examine.

Let us know your thoughts below and if this is a long-term concern for you.

Also, I mention in the video I had planned to do a video breakdown on how the Steelers controlled Ravens’ nose tackle Brandon Williams last week before I got sick. So if you’re still interested in that video, let me know and I’ll make it.

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