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Video: Steelers S Mike Mitchell Goes Berzerk After OT Facemask Penalty

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Mitchell plays with a lot of emotion and it was really on display late during the team’s Sunday win over the Cleveland Browns and the CBS cameras caught it all.

On a 3rd and 9 play from the Steelers 9-yard-line with 8:33 left in overtime, Mitchell was flagged for grabbing a hold of the facemask of Browns wide receiver Corey Coleman while tackling him after he had caught a short pass from quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Mitchell shrieked after finding out he was being flagged for face-masking Coleman.

“He grabbed mine, he grabbed mine,” Mitchell said while the referees were huddled together talking about the penalty, “Oh my God, please look at it, please look at it sir, please look at it. He grabbed mine. Oh my goodness gracious.”

Unfortunately for Mitchell, his pleas fell on deaf ears even through replays showed that both players grabbed a hold of each other’s facemask. In other words, it should have been offsetting penalties.

Luckily for the Steelers, the Browns offense ultimately had to settle for a go-ahead field goal after Mitchell’s penalty set their offense up at the Pittsburgh 2-yard-line.

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