Watch: Mike Tomlin Gives James Harrison A Spot

James Harrison has a reputation for being the first man in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ weight room. And today, Mike Tomlin decided to give him some help.

Harrison, as he normally does, posted clips of his morning workouts on his Instagram account, one of which included Tomlin spotting Harrison on the bench press. Take a look.

Maybe some of this is what they mean when Tomlin is called a “player’s coach.” I don’t think Tom Coughlin ever did this.

Here’s what Tomlin said of Deebo’s presence two weeks ago.

“I went down this morning to get a cup of coffee about 7:30. Heard music on in the weight room. Went to see who it as, and it was James Harrison. Less than 24 hours after becoming our all-time sack leader, on a short week, he’s in there doing what he does. There’s a lot to glean from a guy who approaches his business in the manner he does and I know our guys recognize that.”

Harrison’s workouts are legendary for anyone, let alone a 38 yer old who has defied conventional wisdom of how long a player’s body can hold up. For someone to play to that age, and someone in the trenches, taking a beating on almost every player, is remarkable. Though this figures to be Harrion’s last season, he’s clearly doing everything he can to make it worth it.

And getting some help from his head coach.

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