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Steelers LB James Harrison Randomly Drug Tested Twice This Week

On Monday, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison received a notice from the league that stated he was once again randomly selected to be drug tested. On Friday, Harrison was randomly selected for yet another drug test. Yes, that’s twice in one week the Steelers linebacker has been “randomly selected.”

Want to know more about the CBA and unlimited random HGH tests? Read this 2011 Washington Post story by 

Each player would be given a scheduled blood-test for HGH once each year during the preseason. In addition, players would be subject to year-round random testing. Each player could be tested an unlimited number of times during the season and up to six times during the offseason.

When asked about the randomness of the NFL’s drug testing policy earlier this week, Harrison questioned just how random the process actually is.

“I’m starting to think it’s not as random,” Harrison said in a story written by Jacob Klinger of “I just wish I had that much luck with the lottery. That’s all.”

Sure, it sounds like harassment, but this unfortunately is the CBA that players agreed to in 2011. Yes, I know the Steelers voted against ratifying it, but that doesn’t offer players on the team immunity because of that. Harrison has never tested positive as far as I know.

Is there anything that the NFLPA or Harrison can do about this? I really doubt it.

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